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Re: Ambrose on Vicksburg

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  • carlw4514@yahoo.com
    eric, I m glad we stumbled across your area of expertise! Those early expeditions across Steele Bayou, etc., are quite interesting, I ll try to do a post on
    Message 1 of 45 , May 3, 2001
      eric, I'm glad we stumbled across your area of expertise! Those early
      expeditions across Steele Bayou, etc., are quite interesting, I'll try
      to do a post on them sometime, maybe as 4th of July approaches!
      If I understand you correctly, Grant essentially outflanked the
      ability of the Rebs to stand astride his supply lines, once he crossed
      the Big Black?

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      > --- In civilwarwest@y..., josepharose@y... wrote:
      > > Carl,
      > >
      > > Good questions. I don't have the answer.
      > >
      > > I think that Grant stated at the time of Rosecrans' pursuit after
      > > Corinth that he didn't know an army could off the land there. At
      > some
      > > point, he realized you could. If so, why could he not have moved
      > > south from Holly Springs living off the land and dispensing with
      > > entire naval effort? If there was access to the river around
      > > Chickasaw Bluffs just above the siege lines, it might have been
      > > possible to get supplies off boats there.
      > >
      > > Just a thought, as someone once said,
      > > Joseph
      > Hi Joseph.
      > I've enjoyed your "offensive into enemy territory" over at the US
      > Grant Message board.
      > It was during Grant's retreat to Memphis after the Holly Springs
      > fiasco that he claims to have learned of his armies ability to live
      > off the land. After "foraging liberally" in a northward march
      > Mississippi, during December and January, it would have been unwise
      > to expect a successful southward march over the same ground don't
      > think? He was, however, to put this knowledge to use six months
      > later during the Vicksburg campaign, over Sherman's vehement
      > objections.
      > The Union had no access to the Yazoo River above the siege lines
      > until after the crossing of the Big Black River on May 17. Several
      > efforts to turn the batteries on the lower Yazoo had failed prior to
      > the Union embarking on their ultimately successful campaign.
      > Eric Calistri
    • ParrotheadDan@avenew.com
      Wayne, Captain Morgan? Dan
      Message 45 of 45 , May 20, 2001
        Captain Morgan?

        FLYNSWEDE@... wrote:

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        > << .we'll warm up with Coke's and when we
        > get where we're goin'.....well......let's just "get ugly".And that's any time
        > frame you wish to put it into.
        > Dan
        > >>
        > Dan,
        > Take those Cokes, add a little rum and then sqeeze a little lime into it,
        > you'll have a wonderful Cuba Libre
        > Wayne (who is thirsty now)
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