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Re: Ambrose on Vicksburg

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  • theme_music@yahoo.com
    ... some ... Hi Joseph. I ve enjoyed your offensive into enemy territory over at the US Grant Message board. It was during Grant s retreat to Memphis after
    Message 1 of 45 , May 3, 2001
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., josepharose@y... wrote:
      > Carl,
      > Good questions. I don't have the answer.
      > I think that Grant stated at the time of Rosecrans' pursuit after
      > Corinth that he didn't know an army could off the land there. At
      > point, he realized you could. If so, why could he not have moved
      > south from Holly Springs living off the land and dispensing with the
      > entire naval effort? If there was access to the river around
      > Chickasaw Bluffs just above the siege lines, it might have been
      > possible to get supplies off boats there.
      > Just a thought, as someone once said,
      > Joseph

      Hi Joseph.

      I've enjoyed your "offensive into enemy territory" over at the US
      Grant Message board.

      It was during Grant's retreat to Memphis after the Holly Springs
      fiasco that he claims to have learned of his armies ability to live
      off the land. After "foraging liberally" in a northward march across
      Mississippi, during December and January, it would have been unwise
      to expect a successful southward march over the same ground don't you
      think? He was, however, to put this knowledge to use six months
      later during the Vicksburg campaign, over Sherman's vehement

      The Union had no access to the Yazoo River above the siege lines
      until after the crossing of the Big Black River on May 17. Several
      efforts to turn the batteries on the lower Yazoo had failed prior to
      the Union embarking on their ultimately successful campaign.

      Eric Calistri
    • ParrotheadDan@avenew.com
      Wayne, Captain Morgan? Dan
      Message 45 of 45 , May 20, 2001
        Captain Morgan?

        FLYNSWEDE@... wrote:

        > In a message dated 5/19/01 10:40:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
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        > << .we'll warm up with Coke's and when we
        > get where we're goin'.....well......let's just "get ugly".And that's any time
        > frame you wish to put it into.
        > Dan
        > >>
        > Dan,
        > Take those Cokes, add a little rum and then sqeeze a little lime into it,
        > you'll have a wonderful Cuba Libre
        > Wayne (who is thirsty now)
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