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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Events builds on was Chickamauga a victory

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  • DPowell334@AOL.COM
    In a message dated 4/24/2006 3:53:56 A.M. Central Standard Time, JWD2044@hotmail.com writes: Tom is right. Saying that Rosecrans won or took Chattanooga
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      In a message dated 4/24/2006 3:53:56 A.M. Central Standard Time, JWD2044@... writes:
      Tom is right.  Saying that Rosecrans "won" or "took" Chattanooga
      isn't the case.  That was part of the Tuallohoma(sp) campaign.  He
      didn't lose the city but it was of little value until the AoT was
      driven away.

      You are mixing your campaigns.
      The Tullahoma campaign ended in July, with Bragg retreated across the Tennessee into Chattanooga. Union troops occupied the rail line up to Bridgeport, and held the north bank of the river up about as far as Jasper.
      At the end of August, the Chickamauga campaign began with Rosecrans' crossing of the Tennessee. He feinted to the north of the city with a small force, actually shelling the town on Aug 22nd, and then started crossing the river in force a week  later.
      The next two weeks saw Rosecrans manuver deep into Alabama and Georgia, going as far as Valley Head and Alpine. Bragg retreated out of Chattanooga on Sept 8th, and Federal troops occupied it the next day, but by Sept 12 or so, Rosecrans realized Bragg was not going to retreat to Dalton or Atlanta, but fight it out just south of Chattanooga.
      The last week saw both sides moving north, until they collided at Chickamauga.
      Rosecrans was defeated at Chickmauga, but he did manage to hold onto the prime objective of the campaign, Chattanooga.
      Dave Powell
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