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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: CW Radio????

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  • Steve Saultz
    Thankyou Joseph.. Capt.... joey sallee wrote: Sir, I don t know if this helps, but I usually listen to the broadcasts on-line
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 18, 2006
         Thankyou Joseph..

      joey sallee <perrihistorian35@...> wrote:
      I don't know if this helps, but I usually listen to the broadcasts on-line after they have been posted.  I live in Kentucky, and haven't been able to pick up the program via radio either.  However, World Talk Radio does a good job of getting interviews, etc., posted in a timely manner.
      Joseph Sallee
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      Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Re: CW Radio????

      I listened to CW Talk Radio's segment with Steven Woodworth
             Good Morning...
               I have yet to find such a station...Would anybody know of of some I might be able to reach, I am in N.W. Oregon..Decent reciever, but would probably help if it was a "strong" Station as far as reaching across airways...Very Much Appreciated...
             Respectfully Your Humble Servant,
              Captain McCracken   Partisan

      sputnik842002 <sputnik842002@...> wrote:
      I am in the Woodworth camp.

      Did Sherman have weaknesses?  Yes he did as every general does.  His
      tactical handling of troops in the field like at Chickasaw Bluffs and
      Chattanooga were nothing stellar.  However, study some of Stonewall's
      battles and you will see that he had a similar problem.  Does that
      make Stonewall a poor general?  I don't think so.

      Sherman was a reliable subordinate even if he didn't do anything
      spectacular prior to the Atlanta Campaign.  As an army group commander
      he had good strategic sense, excellent leadership skills, and a keen
      sense of logistics. 

      I listened to CW Talk Radio's segment with Steven Woodworth and I
      agree with him.  To paraphrase, he says that Castel minimizes any
      successes that Sherman had as simply being dictated by common sense;
      if what Sherman did were truly that easy then good generals would have
      been a dime a dozen.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, S P <shenandoah64@...> wrote:
      > There is a difference between revised or revisionist history based
      upon using today's values to judge people who lived long ago vs.
      corrected history. Unfortunately, we live in a world today where
      revisions are made to suit a politically correct 21st century view of
      history. This has opened the door for agenda driven authors.
      >   At the same time, more and more of today's books are based on more
      readily available and obtainable research material. Instead of
      focusing on the memoirs/accounts written by leading participants, more
      writers are constructing a top-up approach to CW history and thus
      avoid much of the spin the leaders put on their accounts which were
      used as the basis for most accounts until the last couple of decades.
      >   As for Atlanta, I find myself in the Woodworth Camp vs. the Castel
      camp in regard to Sherman. What about the rest of you?
      >   Scott
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