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Re: Rosey's Bio

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  • sputnik842002
    I think if you read Lamers book and Cozzens books you will have a pretty good grasp of Rosey s personality. I too think Hooker is underrated. However, I
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      I think if you read Lamers' book and Cozzens' books you will have a
      pretty good grasp of Rosey's personality.

      I too think Hooker is underrated. However, I think Grant was correct
      when he said that Fighting Joe was an able general but was not to be

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Mix" <tmix@...> wrote:
      > I was thinking the similarity with Hooker earlier today too. Hooker came
      > west and rehabilitated his image and reputation to a degree but less he
      > deserves. I think he is highly underrated. I felt, for no particular
      > educated reason, that Rosecrans could have been done same. If he had
      been a
      > Corps later I think he may have been effective. But I don't that
      much about
      > his personality to defend that. That is one reason I was wondering
      about the
      > book, I would to learn about the man and his personality. Does the
      bio do an
      > adequate job of this?
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      > > What is your take on the bio of Rosecrans by William M. Lamers
      "Edge of
      > > Glory". Such a perfect title for Rosey.
      > >
      > > Tom
      > >
      > I think Lamers was a little too forgiving of Rosecrans' actions at
      > Chickamauga but otherwise I liked the book. Grant doesn't come off in
      > a positive light though.
      > I think Rosecrans and Hooker were similar. Both were skilled generals
      > but couldn't keep their mouth shut.
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