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  • Baron VonTecumseh
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      (This message by Baron VonTecumseh <barontecumseh@...> is forwarded to you from Baron VonTecumseh <barontecumseh@...>.)

      On 30-Mar-01, Peter Mancini <peter_mancini@...> wrote:
      Oh! Good point, the only weakness I see is that the new immigrants might
      make poor soldiers. Were the majority of rioters during the 1864 draft
      riots immigrants?

      I think immigrants would make better soldiers,than the domestic trash they paid bountys to late in the war.
      The Baron

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      >The point being that one of the Norths big advantages was much more
      man power than the south.From the North and a endless supply from
      Europe if need be.

      How do you figure Europe getting involved in the Civil War for the
      North? Britain is stll P.O.'d about the Trent affair (they would
      remember it and use it against us in WWI actually) France was P.O.d
      about Texas and the Rio Grande. One doesn't hear much about Germany
      but they must have been up to something. Just a few years later they
      were heavily invovled in the Franco-Prussian war however the U.S. was
      probably P.O.d at them for the Revolutionary War... I think Europe
      was proably to smart to get invovled in this fight.

      Not European countrys,but immigration,would supply unlimited,man power if
      need be,to the North The Baron

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