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CWDG Spring Muster 2006

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  • Harry Smeltzer
    OK, we re moving along with arrangements for the CWDG Spring Muster. The tour is shaping up beyond the point of where and when . Gary Ecelbarger has provided
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2005
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      OK, we’re moving along with arrangements for the CWDG Spring Muster.


      The tour is shaping up beyond the point of “where and when”.  Gary Ecelbarger has provided some information on the “what”, and it looks good.


      Gary wants this to be a “thinking man’s tour”, while still addressing the concerns of less experienced participants.  He has provided packets for each day’s tour – nearly 60 pages in total.  These maps, orders of battle, chronologies and quotations will be converted to pdf files.  Then we will either email the files or snail mail the disks to each participant so that all documents will be in your possession prior to the muster.


      Much of what we will cover will be the results of Gary’s research which is included in his unpublished manuscript (to be submitted to University of Oklahoma Press this spring).  Some of the questions he will address during the tour include:


                  1) Why did the battle of Front Royal begin at 2:00 P.M. when Jackson left Bentonville, only ten miles from Front Royal, at 6:00 A.M?

                  2) Why did Jackson work so gingerly against Banks on May 24 when his infantry outnumbered the U.S. forces by three to one?

                  3) What exactly prompted Abraham Lincoln to divert McDowell and Fremont to the Valley at 4:00 P.M. on May 24?

                  4) The big Union question on the prelude to Port Republic: Was Col. Carroll supposed to burn the bridge or save it?


      Gary will also share some information he uncovered after the publication of his Kernstown book, and intends to conduct a walking court martial of Garnett during the Kernstown tour, with attendees serving as officers of the court.


      In keeping with the tradition of the CWDG Spring Muster, Gary will also include visits to at least 3 spots that would not otherwise be visited on organized tours.


      We have established a deadline for sign-ups of January 19, 2006.  This date is crucial as it will determine how we will proceed from that point. 


      The first installment for payment will be due February 8, 2006, and final payment will be due March 6, 2006.  Payment amounts are contingent upon attendance.


      The phone number for the Hampton Inn (Muster HQ) is 540-887-8011.  When making reservations, be sure to give this confirmation number (85541265) and say that you are with the Civil War Discussion Group.


      Below is a list of those who have expressed interest in attending the muster.  If you see or don’t see your name and want to change your status or express your interest, please contact:


      Harry Smeltzer





      Teej Smith






      Steve Basic

      Laura Denny

      Ann and Jerry Haywood

      Gerry Meyers and Wife

      Jan Moss

      Mike Pelligrini

      J. D. Petruzzi

      Dave Powell

      Teej Smith

      Harry Smeltzer

      Zack Waltz

      Dick Weeks




      David and Frieda Bruton

      Jeff Burk

      Mike Johnston

      David Langbart

      Sally Neely

      Allan & Laurie Shikhvarg

                  Mike Peters


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