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Re: [civilwarwest] FW: GDG- The Pizza Hut in Franklin, TN

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  • joey sallee
    This is so great to hear. I visited Franklin about a year and a half ago, and though I had read about how things were there, it was not until I saw it with my
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2005
      This is so great to hear. I visited Franklin about a year and a half ago,
      and though I had read about how things were there, it was not until I saw it
      with my own eyes that I realized just how much had been lost to "progress."
      This was truly a unique case where battlefield land will be reclaimed. It
      sets a wonderful example of how people working together for a united cause
      can be successful despite the odds.

      It is thrilling to know that our grandchildren and countless others will be
      able to eventually view much of the land from a perspective that will allow
      them to understand the sacrifices made by all of the men who fought at
      Franklin. This is a battle that has been neglected for far too long, and
      perhaps this will shed some light on what occurred there.

      Outstanding, my regards to everyone who had a hand in making this a reality.

      Joseph Sallee
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      > Greetings,
      > Today, November 30th, 2005, is the 141st Anniversary of the Battle of
      > Frankli n, arguably the most vicious fight of the entire Civil War. In 5
      > hours or so some 9000 Confederates fell in the greatest Confederate charge
      > of the war against intrenched Federals, many of whom carried repeating
      > rifles backed by numerous artillery batteries.
      > Over time, the town of Franklin grew and grew, and in the midst of some of
      > the worst fighting of the war, developers placed homes and businesses.
      > The
      > very symbol of that, a Pizza Hut, became well known to preservationists
      > and
      > Civil War buffs alike as what NOT to do with Civil War battlefields. A
      > recent issue of National Geographic even featured this blighted site.
      > Today that changed.
      > After opening remarks by the Mayor of Franklin, a parade of dignitaries
      > including a US Congressman, Thomas Cartwright (Carter House director), Ed
      > Bearss and Jim Lighthizer of the Civil War Preservation Trust, one by one
      > they donned white hard hats and took several swings a piece with a sledge
      > hammer against the brick walls of the infamous Pizza Hut. Bearss spoke
      > not
      > as a historian but as a World War 2 veteran and asked the large crowd
      > what
      > would we think if a Pizza Hut was built on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima; on
      > Tarawa; on Omaha Beach; or at that place south of Bastogne where
      > Creighton
      > Abrams' tanks linked up with the 101st Airborne during the Battle of the
      > Bulge.
      > The mayor then got into a large steam shovel and proceeded to smash in a
      > portion of the roof to great applause!
      > Tonight's ceremony, which I cannot attend, will see the deed to the
      > Franklin Country Club, next to the Carnton Mansion, turned over for
      > development into a Franklin Battlefield park. This closes a long
      > fund-raising campaign involving the city, country music stars and private
      > citizens, along with the CWPT, to take back the land for history and the
      > future.
      > The weather was perfect and very similar to what it was when 20,000
      > Confederates stepped off into history in late 1864.
      > What a great day - and ot proves that such land can be saved if we all try
      > hard enough.
      > Greg Biggs
      > Clarksville, TN CWRT
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