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Memorial for Steve Wakefield

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  • P. B. Jones
    Steve Wakefield aka wakefield aka AoT was a highly regarded member of our online community, and since his death last month we ve been discussing doing
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2005
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      Steve Wakefield aka "wakefield" aka "AoT" was a highly regarded member of our online community, and since his death last month we've been discussing doing something Civil War related in his memory.  Last night Mary Alice Pickett posted information in the CWH chatroom concerning the memorial for AoT (see her post copied and pasted below).  Memorial plans  are taking shape at Carter House and I've volunteered to help collect donations. 
      The post made in the Civil War Chatroom last night...
      11/27/2005 7:59 pm (et) MAP: AoT (Steve Wakefield) Memorial Update:
      Our AoT was a “walking encyclopedia” about and a strong supporter of the Battle of Franklin and Carter House. I spoke with Tom Cartwright of Carter House again this past Saturday. On Wednesday, November 30th around 2:00 p.m. (following the ceremony in honor of the demolition of the Pizza Hut), a cedar tree (sturdy, quick growing, always green and known for longevity) is to be planted in the yard of the Carter House between the museum and the home on Ground Zero of the battle. Members of Steve’s former reenacting group will be present and perhaps some of us who knew Steve will be in attendance, too. It seems appropriate to honor our fallen comrade on this date. Steve detested that Pizza Hut because of its location so near the spot where Patrick Cleburne was killed on November 30, 1864. On the day it is “uprooted” from the battlefield, his tree will be planted. Steve would have seen both as positive for Franklin. I requested that some photographs of the planting ceremony be sent to me. I’ll happily share them when I get them. The next step, once funded by friends from Steve’s former reenacting group and persons in this forum who wish to make a donation, is that a plaque will be placed beside the tree stating it is in honor of either Govan’s AK Division or Cleburne’s Division (Steve’s 2 favorites) of the Army of the Tennessee in memory of Steve. Tom will have the plaque made locally. He is also talking about holding another ceremony when the plaque is unveiled. If this is to happen, I’ll share the date as soon as it is known. Should you care to make a donation toward this project in AoT’s memory, you can do so in one of two ways:
      1) Pat, aka ks, has volunteered to collect monies for us. She will give you more details on how to get your donation to her. GenP and I will be driving or flying to IL over the holidays. Either way, GenP will be making the road trip in early January. I-65 finds us within a few miles of Carter House at the Franklin exit. One or both of us (depending on the Christmas plan) will be happy to represent you and deliver the amount collected to Tom in person, or
      2) You can send your donation directly to: Carter House, P.O. Box 555, Franklin, TN 37065.   Please include a note stating your contribution is from an internet chatroom/forum friend for Steve Wakefield’s tree plaque fund. I trust this memorial to Steve will meet with your approval. I truly believe he would be very touched to have his online friends remember him this way on a battlefield that was so special to him over the years. Fondly, MAP
      More details...
      First let me say that a donation in ANY amount would be welcomed. A few dollars from many people in a group can quickly become a sizable dollar amount.  Mary Alice  related that Tom Cartwright believed the plaque would be in the 200-300 dollar range. Our contributions will be pooled with those of AoT's reenactment group. I understand completely if any of you prefer to send a contribution directly to Carter House.  If you go that route, please be sure to mark it  for the "Steve Wakefield Memorial Fund". The thought behind having someone in the group receive donations was that we'd know where we stood in the fund raising for the memorial.  IF any wish to send a check made out to the Carter House to me so that I can collect and then send the pooled funds, email me at ks@... . I can then provide you with my snail mail address. Should our joint efforts to raise funds in Steve's memory exceed the cost for the tree and memorial plaque, the extra funds will go to the Carter House to support other preservation efforts there.  There is no deadline for contributions to be sent, but we're trying to get this funded before Christmas.
      Thanks to all who have made inquiries about the plans and/or who have already contributed.
      Best regards.
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