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FW: CW Confederate Memorial Hall N. O.

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  • Bob Huddleston
    An update on both the Confederate Hall and the D-Day Museum Take care, Bob Judy and Bob Huddleston 10643 Sperry Street Northglenn, CO 80234-3612 303.451.6376
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2005
      An update on both the Confederate Hall and the D-Day Museum

      Take care,


      Judy and Bob Huddleston
      10643 Sperry Street
      Northglenn, CO  80234-3612
      303.451.6376  huddleston.r@...

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      From: Bob Anderson [mailto:arags@...]
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      Subject: CW Confederate Memorial Hall N. O.

      Guys, this was sent to me by Dr. Michael Cunningham, yours, bob Anderson
       Subject: FW:
      Hi Bob,

       This arrived this afternoon re Memorial Hall in N.O.



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      DATE: SEPT. 2, 2005 


      Thank you for your compassionate concern for the welfare of the museum and staff in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  I live in West Virginia, and at this point I am the only official with CMH that is unaffected by the recent tragic events in New Orleans.  Our Curator Pat Ricci has asked me to check emails, and send an update to each of you.  Due to the volume of emails, I cannot answer each individually, and I trust that this "form" type reply will answer your questions.


      Pat and her family, as well as the staff members of CMH are all safe, although apparently all have lost their homes to flooding.  She is temporarily living in a motel in Arkansas.  She has made contact with some of the Board members, and of those, all are safe, but all have lost, to some degree, either homes or businesses (or both) to storm damage.


      Pat received reports from a New Orleans police officer that the museum itself seems to have avoided flooding, although the basement area may be flooded with storm sewer backup.  The building structure suffered only minor wind damage, but until someone can enter the building, it is not known if the roof leaked, or the basement flooded.  The major concern at this time is looting and vandalism.  The National D-Day Museum across Camp Street was looted and vandalized.  Thankfully, some wise and sympathetic New Orleans police officers took the initiative to pull down the sign in front of CMH that identified the facility as a Confederate shrine, so hopefully it will not be vandalized.


      We sincerely appreciate your concern for our beloved museum.  It will be several days or perhaps weeks before we can assess the situation with any degree of detail.


      Several of you have indicated a desire to contribute to a fund for the benefit of the museum.  Even if the museum survived unscathed (which is highly unlikely), the museum will be severely affected by a total loss of revenue for the upcoming months.  CMH receives no public support, and relies totally on contributions and visitor admissions to keep the doors open. 


      At this time a special fund account is being opened, and anyone wishing to contribute is encouraged to do so.  Please email me at shood321@... for further information.


      If you wish to keep abreast of the condition of Confederate Memorial Hall Museum, and other Civil War historical sites in the hurricane affected area, I suggest you visit www.civilwarinteractive.com, and click their Hurricane Katrina Civil War History Damage Assessment page.  I have been, and will continue to provide updates on the museum to the Civil War Interactive webmaster


      Thanks again for your interest.  Please keep the staff of Confederate Memorial Hall Museum in your thoughts and prayers.

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