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RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Cassandras were needed

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  • Tom Mix
    I saw a leader on TV tonight. Some visitors from, I think, England were totally lost. There were 5-6 of them feeling they were about to die. Desolate,
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      I saw a leader on TV tonight. Some visitors from, I think, England were
      totally lost. There were 5-6 of them feeling they were about to die.
      Desolate, deserted, vandals around, water and destruction all around.
      Totally adrift in a foreign country amass in catastrophe, convinced they
      were about to die, and no one would even know of their deaths. I can't
      think of being in a much worse situation.
      Then an angel appeared. This one was a young African American wearing a
      camouflage t-shirt and hat. He, along with his wife, went over and took
      all of them to safety. The tourist recanted the story to a TV reporter
      and broke down in tears. The tourist said he didn't even know the man's
      name but he saved their lives. He reached over and grabbed him and
      hugged him. The young man said his first name and smiled.
      He then said that he has seen plenty of trucks and stuff around but they
      won't come. And then he said, "If I can walk around any where they (the
      rescuers) sure can." It wasn't bravado. Just a fact.
      That is leadership. He saw a situation and did something about it. He
      didn't convene a meeting, make a speech, thank a senator, or complain.
      He simply saw people in need and helped them.
      So simple. So right. So rare.
      That is leadership.

      Two hours before the above story above aired, the FEMA Director said he
      just became aware that people were even at the Convention Center in New
      Orleans. CNN has known it for a day or two at least. That means I knew
      too and I'm in Indiana. That is not leadership. I hope he is familiar
      with Monster.com.


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      In this case there were 'Cassandras'. What was needed was leadership.

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      > Cassandras arguing to prepare for the worse case are, by definition,
      > derided. Remember the chuckles when the "Y2K disaster" didn't occur -
      > night TV jokes, forgetting that it didn't occur because the Cassandras
      > listened to.
      > Knight Ridder Newsservice has a detailed analysis of the breakdowns at
      > "Federal government wasn't ready for Katrina, disaster experts say" by
      > Borenstein. You can read it at
      > http://www.realcities.com/mld/krwashington/12528233.htm
      > Along the same lines is "Intricate Flood Protection Long a Focus of
      > By Andrew C. Revkin and Christopher Drew at
      > nl=1&adxnnlx=1125593636-DbkYLzduAf8KYwZnMvHM3g
      > "A Sad Day, Too, for Architecture" by S. Frederick Starr at
      > http://travel2.nytimes.com//2005/09/01/garden/01fred.html details what
      > presently knows about his personal part of the Big Easy and the
      > damage that has been done.
      > Floods are an old story in the Mississippi Valley and the Mark Twain
      > has an excellent book review about the Great 1927 Flood along the
      > valley at http://www.yorku.ca/twainweb/reviews/barry-01.html
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