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Re: Re: V'burg and Public Opinion [was The 'Lost Cause' In Retreat]

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  • M. E. Heatherington
    Re: From: CAMPAIGN62@AOL.COM [snip] Vicksburg was a key only in Lincoln s mind. He had been there in his youth and was impressed by thhe amount of commerce
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2005
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      From: CAMPAIGN62@...
      Vicksburg was a "key" only in Lincoln's mind. He had  been there in his youth
      and was impressed by thhe amount of commerce that passed through the city.
      Question: was the opening of the MIssissippi realy important to the war effort?
      Or was it important only to the Western farmers who made up Lincoln's
      political base?
      Oh, no,. no, no, sorry, *not*  "only in Lincoln's mind."
      The whole upper Midwest was cranky about having to ship their cattle and wheat east on new-fangled, expensive railroads, instead of sending them down the Mississippi to N.O. as had been done since time immemorial.  (They went to railroads almost immediately after the war, but that's neither here nor there.)
      We can argue enthusiastically and perhaps endlessly about whether "the Western farmers who made up [part of] Lincoln's political base" served only to put pressure upon Lincoln or were themselves people with a viewpoint worth listening to; but they -- not just Lincoln -- were unhappy at the river's long closure.  Since V'burg was the choke point where closure lingered, opening up V'burg definitely was "key" in their minds, too.  The newspaper editorials from the [old] North West are quite firm about that.

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