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    I cannot remember who sent the article on grave restoration, but grave markers that are damaged or near unreadable can be replaced with new markers from the
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      I cannot remember who sent the article on grave restoration, but grave markers that are damaged or near unreadable can be replaced with new markers from the VA.  That goes for both Union and Confederate burials.
      See Below:

      How To Order a Government Headstone or Marker

      When burial or memorialization is in a national, military post, or state veterans cemetery, cemetery staff will order a headstone or marker, using inscription information provided by the next of kin.

      When burial is in a private cemetery, VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker for Installation in a Private or State Veterans' Cemetery, must be submitted, along with a copy of the veteran's military discharge documents.  Do not send original documents because they will not be returned.

      Usually, funeral directors will obtain headstones or markers as part of their services. Applications and additional information may be obtained at any VA national cemetery or regional office or by calling 1-800-827-1000.  This form, VA Form 40-1330, is also available on VA's web site at www.va.gov; however, it cannot be filled out and submitted electronically.  All completed applications should be mailed to:

      Memorial Programs Service (403)
      Department of Veterans Affairs
      810 Vermont Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20420-0001


      Government-furnished headstones and markers must be inscribed with the name of the deceased, branch of service, and years of birth and death, in this order.

      Headstones and markers also may be inscribed with other items, including an authorized "emblem of belief" such as a cross or Star of David and, space permitting, additional text that includes grade, rate or rank, war service, complete dates of birth and death, military awards, military organizations and civilian or veteran affiliations.  Terms of endearment that meet acceptable standards of good taste may also be added.  Most optional inscription items are placed as the last two lines of the inscription, including such titles as Doctor or Reverend, which are not permited on the name line.  Non-English optional inscription items must be in English characters.

      No graphics (logos, symbols, etc.) are permitted on government headstones and markers other than approved emblems of belief, the Civil War Union Shield, the Civil War Confederate Southern Cross of Honor and the Medal of Honor insignia.  Inscriptions will be in English characters only.

      Documentation must be provided with VA Form 40-1330 when requesting military awards in the inscription.  In most cases this information is provided on the veteran's military discharge documents.

      A veteran's spouse or other non-veteran dependent is not eligible to receive a government headstone or marker for placement in a private cemetery.  However, the applicant may request to reserve inscription space below the veteran's inscription so that the non-veteran dependent's commemorative data can be inscribed locally, at private expense, when the

      non-veteran dependent is buried.  Alternatively, the non-veteran dependent's name and date of birth can be added at government expense as an optional inscription, when the headstone or marker is ordered.  When the non-veteran dependent is buried, the date of death may then be added at private expense.

      Inscriptions for a veteran's spouse or eligible non-veteran dependent are provided at no expense when burial is in a national, military post or state veterans cemetery.

      Checking Your Headstone or Marker Order Status

      VA provides a toll-free number for applicants to check the status of an order for a government headstone or marker -- 1-800-697-6947.  Applicant assistance agents are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.  Due to the volume of calls, the best time to call is mid-week.  VA processes approximately 300,000 headstone and marker applications each year.  The Applicant Assistance Line operators cannot provide information on any other VA benefits.  Please, only call to check the status of a headstone or marker order if the application was submitted more than 30 days previously.  To inquire about other VA benefits, call 1-800-827-1000.

      Shipping Government Headstones and Markers

      Government-furnished headstones and markers are shipped free of charge, generally between 60 and 120 days after VA receives the application.

      Setting Government Headstones and Markers

      Cemetery staff in national or military cemeteries will set the headstone or marker at no cost to the applicant.  Some state veterans' cemeteries may charge the applicant a nominal fee for setting a government headstone or marker.  Arrangements for setting a government headstone or marker in a private cemetery, including all placement costs, are the applicant's responsibility.

      Replacement of Headstones and Markers

      Previously furnished headstones and markers may be replaced at government expense when badly deteriorated, illegible, vandalized or stolen.  The government will also replace a headstone or marker if it is different from that specified by the applicant or permitted by the cemetery, the inscription is incorrect, or the material or workmanship does not meet  the government's standards.

      The government will not assume the cost to replace headstones or markers in private cemeteries that cemetery personnel damage.  The replacement cost will vary by monument style and delivery location.  For replacement costs, contact Memorial Programs Service at 1-800-697-6947.

      Marble or granite headstones or markers, permanently removed from a grave, must be destroyed until illegible and bronze markers must be returned to the manufacturer for recycling.  (Please contact Memorial Programs Service at 1-800-697-6947 for guidance on returning bronze markers.)

      Memorial Headstones and Markers

      Memorial headstones and markers are provided for eligible veterans whose remains are not recovered or identified, are buried at sea, donated to science or scattered after cremation.   These headstones and markers -- which can be for an individual or a group -- bear an "In Memory of" inscription as their first line and must be placed in a recognized cemetery.

      Civil War-Era Headstones And Markers

      There are specific styles of upright headstones and flat markers to mark the graves of Union and Confederate Civil War and Spanish-American War dead.

      Civil War-era headstones and markers may be replaced at government expense when badly deteriorated, illegible, vandalized or stolen.  Proof of military service prior to World War I requires detailed documentation, such as muster rolls, extracts from state files, pension documents or land warrants, to apply for a government headstone or marker.

      Memorial markers are not provided to memorialize Civil War soldiers whose graves are not identified.  If, however, documentation proves a soldier was buried in a mass grave, VA will provide a memorial marker for placement in national, state veterans or private cemeteries.

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