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Re: [civilwarwest] Books on the Trans-Mississippi

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  • Steve Saultz
    Greetings... I like All Afire To Fight by Martha L. Crabb.. Mountains Touched With Fire by Wiley Sword... and Chattanooga--Death Grip on the Confederacy
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 28, 2005
               Greetings...  I like "All Afire To Fight" by Martha L. Crabb.."Mountains Touched With Fire" by Wiley Sword... and "Chattanooga--Death Grip on the Confederacy" by James McDonough......And as always Bruce Catton's "Grant Moves South" is excellent!.......
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              Capt. McCracken, Partisan

      Bill Gower <billgower@...> wrote:

      I am just getting into reading about the Trans-Mississippi action during the war.  What books would you recommend for my library?


      I have the following so far on the Trans-Mississippi


      Pea Ridge by Shea and Hess

      Battle of Belmont by Hughes

      Civil War on the Western Border. by Monaghan


      I just ordered the book on Wilson ’s Creek by Piston and Hatcher.






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