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  • Tom Mix
    Glory was a fine movie. But recall that with the white section of the army there was limited acceptance of the newly minted black troops. That was shown in
    Message 1 of 7 , May 24, 2005
      Glory was a fine movie. But recall that with the white section of the
      army there was limited acceptance of the newly minted black troops. That
      was shown in what I thought to be a fair portrayal of the period. Then,
      upon the attack (ill advised in my opinion) you saw respect from the
      soldiers. I think that is a fair portrayal of the period. So, I think
      what Rick wrote regarding Sherman's racial attitude was probably
      accurate of Sherman and most other Northern soldiers of that period.
      Many of which had never even seen a person of color other the occasional
      Native American. That is not to say that Sherman or these soldiers were
      racist as the History Channel incorrectly states. They just were
      ignorant of that culture and really had to be amazed at the reaction
      they received from the newly freed slaves in the Deep South. These White
      Union soldiers were seen as saviors. While the soldiers had generally
      little idea of this concept as it related to them. A Hoosier from
      Princeton, IN. may have had no concept of slave culture and thus no idea
      what he was walking into while marching through Dawsonville, GA. or
      where ever.

      Can you imagine what it must have felt like to have people coming
      running up to you, thanking you with tears in there eyes? I guess some
      in WW II felt something like this but it is a rare occurrence. I guess
      we should be thankful for its being rare.
      But Sherman was not a racist in the pure hate filled meaning of the word
      and that was unfair of the History Channel to say that.

      I don't want to go deep in this subject here since I know it can get
      pushed in undesirable directions. But I think an understanding of the
      mental and socially educational thinking of the time is important. We
      must view it in relation to the time frame and social/educational
      thought system of the 1860's.
      I don't think the History Channel was fair in that process. Sherman
      viewed his job as to win the war. Changing the social structure of his
      country came with that victory but it was not something that he viewed
      as one of his responsibilities. It was a by product of his victories.
      Dealing with social issues was not in his job description. And the freed
      slaves who tagged along with his army became an impediment to his effort
      to execute military actions to win that war. It was not something he
      understood nor was prepared to deal with at the time.
      That did not make him a bad man.

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      > Have you seen the movie "Glory"?

      Yes, many times. It is one of the best civil war
      movies ever, however, it also has many historical

      My point was that Sherman was portrayed as a racist
      and by 186- standards he was not. Neither was he an
      abolitionist, which in my opinion puts him in the
      middle of the road politically for that time period.

      Rick Moody

      "Spend no time mourning the failures of the past. Tears make a bitter
      throat. Look ahead, there is more work to do."
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