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    Whats even more interesting is that it appears that by the time of Longstreet s attack this plan had been scrapped with Crittenden s Corps being broken up
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      Whats even more interesting is that it appears that by the time of Longstreet's attack this plan had been scrapped with Crittenden's Corps being broken up between McCook and Thomas.
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      Have been doing some reading of the OR's and found this message.  I find it quite interesting.
      "Headquarters Department of the Cumberland
      Widow Glenn's, September 19, 1863 11:45pm
      Major General Thomas
      The line of battle for tomorrow is your present line, and a line which General McCook will form from your right to this place.
      General Crittenden will be held in reserve on the eastern slope of Missionary Ridge, in rear of your right.  You will defend your position with the utmost stubborness.  In case our army should be overwhelmed it will retire on Rossville and Chattanooga.  Send your trains back to the latter place.
      J. A. Garfield,
      Brigadier General, Chief of Staff"
      I find it interesting as it was written about 12 hours prior to Longstreet's breakthrough.  This message is found on page 69 of Volume 50 of the Guild Press CD-Rom. 
      Kevin S. Coy

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