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  • Michael McKinnon
    Hank, I believe you are correct on this. I do believe wrought iron was used for the reinforcing bands on Parrotts and Brookes. Michael McKinnon Kennesaw
    Message 1 of 30 , May 10, 2005
      I believe you are correct on this.  I do believe wrought iron was used for the reinforcing bands on Parrotts and Brookes.
      Michael McKinnon

      hank9174 <clarkc@...> wrote:

      The 3-inch ordance rifle was, IIRC, the only entirely wrought iron
      gun in the union army. It took a while to make but lasted forever.
      Due to the time and high degree of manufacturing savvy required, the
      piece was made exclusivley by the north...

      Layers of ferrous strips are hammer welded in a spiral weave around a
      core which is then rebored. 

      The end product was then turned on a lathe and has absolutely no
      flaws on the exterior of the barrel.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "carlw4514" <carlw4514@y...>
      > Interesting. But I don't think they were using steel to make cannon,
      > but just cast iron. Any supporting bands might have been steel, as I
      > think its use was not unknown. I think if they had the technology to
      > use steel throughout, it would have helped solve the problem.
      > If I am right about this, the main problem with steel at the time is
      > that it could only be produced custom by sword-smiths and the like
      > small quantities ...
      > I'm no expert and will quickly bow to superior knowledge on this.
      > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Donald Pontious
      > <don.pontious@g...> wrote:
      > > 
      > > I have been told by reliable  sources that there were no known
      > > of bronze cannons exploding in the civil war. Metalurgy (sp?) had
      > > yet advanced, and a bronze cannon was stronger than a steel
      > > With a steel cannon, the question was not if it would explode, but
      > > when. Parrot attempted to cure that with a band of steel, but even
      > > some of those exploded. A bronze cannon is cast standing up. As it
      > > cools, the impurities go to the center, which is then drilled out.
      > > When a steel cannon is cast, the outside cools, and as it cools
      > > contracts, cracks, leaving a disaster waiting to happen. There
      > > some rifled bronze cannons made, but the rifling wore out too
      > > To see some of these, go to Stones River. There is one bronzed
      > > cannon in the visiter center, and several more on the battlefield.

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