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Re: Books, one more time

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  • tristan4th
    Thankyou Madelon very much...that is nice simple rule ...As we continue...I m sure I ll be asking more! Sincerely Your Humble Servant, 2nd Lt./Partisan
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2005
      Thankyou Madelon very much...that is nice simple "rule"...As we
      continue...I'm sure I'll be asking more!
      Sincerely Your Humble Servant,
      2nd Lt./Partisan Ranger,..Steve....--- In
      civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "M. E. Heatherington" <meheath@m...>
      > Dear "tristan4th":
      > Please allow me one more pass at "Books," or more precisely at
      > What you are asking are wonderful questions -- truly. Not joking
      here. These are precisely the kinds of questions that professionals-
      in-training, or interested amateurs, or anyone who wants to do
      serious, responsible work that is respected by other knowledgeable
      people in her/his field, MUST ask. If a person does NOT ask, and
      does NOT attempt to learn how to answer, questions about how, when,
      why, and where to cite, then that person, I believe, is not really
      perceptive or responsible enough to grapple honorably with historical
      material. So keep asking.
      > Although I believe that there is no ONE right answer to the
      questions about citation, here is a rule of thumb that I use in my
      own research and when trying to help students learn how to do
      research, too. It is not so different from Dave Powell's, to wit: If
      I did not think of it, then I must cite the author who gave me the
      idea. That's all there is to it -- surprisingly simple, if a person
      is honorable and honest with him/herself. Plagiarism is simple, too:
      it's the presenting of something that was NOT originally yours as if
      it WERE yours. Think of plagiarism as theft and you will not be far
      > After a while, you will learn what are the generally-known-and-
      accepted FACTS that do not need to be cited. You will, I suspect,
      also learn that no THEORY (argument, thesis, supposition) should ever
      go un-cited.
      > Regards,
      > Madelon H
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      > Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 20:39:33 -0000
      > From: "tristan4th" <tristan4th@y...>
      > Subject: Re: Books
      > I hate to add on to this discussion, because I'm eager to get back
      > learning battles & the war...But one more "bone-headed" question
      > amatuer writers like myself..You, Mr. Powell being in the library
      > field especially...With so so much that has been written, the
      > question, how does one not help but "perform" some form
      > of "plagiarism"? This has always been something that I try to
      > avoid...But so much has been repeated...??
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