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Re: [civilwarwest] Generals with People Skills - NOT!!

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  • P. B. Jones
    Great question. :) And I d add Nathaniel Lyon (God Bless the Damned Yankee ) to the WORST PEOPLES SKILLS list. The following quote is from Dr. William A.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2004
      Great question.  :)  And I'd add Nathaniel Lyon (God Bless the "Damned Yankee") to the WORST PEOPLES SKILLS list.    The following quote is from Dr. William A. Hammond, post surgeon at Fort Riley, who may well have been Natty's closest friend:
      "He was intolerant of opposition, unmindful of the many obligatory courtesies of life, prone to inject the most unpopular opinions at times and places when he knew they would be unwelcome, and enforcing them will all the bitterness and vehemence of which he was capable; easily aroused to a degree of anger that was almost insane in its manifestations; narrow-minded; prejudiced, mentally unbalanced, and yet will all this, honest to the core..."
      In his book on Lyon, Chris Phillips adds "Lyon's inflexible convictions and hidebound opinions often "were of so obtrusive a character that they made him enemies on all side."
      I find that Connecticut Yankee fascinating. 
      She who types with a steel engraving of the DY always over her right shoulder and who is a card carrying member of the Society for the Preservation of the Memory of the Savior of Missouri.  Darn!  I wish Xan was still a member of this board.  ;)
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      Which generals in the west from either the North or the South had the best and the worst people skills?

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