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Re: Curious about a what if?

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  • slippymississippi
    ... them in ... at ... South in ... was only ... the ... the POV ... troops to ... The Chancellorsville Campaign ended in mid-May after almost a week of
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 31, 2004
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "William Gower" <billgower@c...>
      > If Lee had sent troops to the West in 1863 instead of squandering
      them in
      > Gettysburg, would things have been different? I look at his losses
      > Gettysburg and they didn't accomplish anything. It didn't help the
      South in
      > terms of having the war fought on Northern soil for a while as it
      was only
      > about a month and it didn't help strenghten the anti-war parties in
      > north. So IMHO it didn't accomplish anything for the South. From
      the POV
      > of the South would the South have been better served to send the
      troops to
      > the West for a while?

      The Chancellorsville Campaign ended in mid-May after almost a week of
      fighting. A few days of resting and regrouping, followed by a two
      week minimum trip to Mississippi via rail, would have put them in the
      Vicksburg Theatre a couple of weeks too late to do any good. Grant
      was in the process of digging earthworks facing both Jackson and
      Vicksburg, and boosting his forces to upwards of 100,000 men. The
      only avenue of attack open to Johnston had he ventured towards
      Vicksburg would have been through the Mechanicsburg Corridor, which
      was its own can of worms. Some of the hills in that area make
      Vicksburg look like Kansas.
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