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RE: [civilwarwest] Southern Preservation

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  • Daniel Giallombardo
    Ron, I have been to Vicksburg, and in honesty, there is a strong comparison. There are monuments galore, the field is walk able, and the ambiance most
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                              I have been to Vicksburg , and in honesty, there is a strong comparison. There are monuments galore, the field is “walk able,” and the ambiance most evocative. Painfully evocative when one looks upon some of the monuments placed and considers the blood drawn – in both places.

                              I’ve just returned from South Carolina , and I agree with your assessment of the “preservation - mentality” there. The attitude is not one of vengeance, but one of restoration of artifacts  which are considered local treasures.  My best---Dan


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      At 6:25 PM +0000 8/23/04, civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      >Dr. Shiller,
      >Hard to imagine the south not placing a "lack of importance to my
      >southern kinsmen? A lack of interest at a state or national level?
      >or is it a lack of a sense of heritage?"  I live in South Carolina
      >and last year, we held a "state" funeral for the newly found remains
      >of the Hunley crew.  It was the largest event of the year short a
      >Carolina Clemson game ore NASCAR race.  We are still fighting over
      >the star and bars and "heritage not hate" is one side of the issue.
      > Sumter and the battery are preserved and cared for every bit as much
      >as G-burg.  I've went to G-burg this summer and I did not get a
      >sense that the ambience of the civil war was more than we see here
      >in SC.
      >Now, to keep in the western theatre, I have not been to Vicksburg
      >and wonder if anyone would compare that site to G-burg.
      >Ron WRight

      Dear Ron - actually, I didn't make the comments you quoted - Tracy
      did. My comments completely agreed with you - i.e. that there were
      plenty of sites in the South that were well cared for. I have spent
      time in Charleston and very much enjoyed all the CW sites there.

      Best regards,

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