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Re: Perryville, KY

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  • philbuckner
    I was able to visit Perryville last month during the Kentucky Civil War Heritage Trail. I think it was Kurt I met at the visitors center. He gave me his card
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 5, 2004
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      I was able to visit Perryville last month during the Kentucky Civil
      War Heritage Trail. I think it was Kurt I met at the visitors
      center. He gave me his card and I was going to contact him about
      something by e-mail...naturally, I seem to have lost it.

      Since I was there the day before the scheduled activities, I had the
      battlefield almost to myself. Just walking around and following the
      movements of both armies was stirring, and a bit eerie since few
      visitors were around.

      They have just purchased a section of land that contains the Dye
      house, General S.B. Buckner's headquarters. It is not open to the
      public yet, but they gave me permission to go up to the house and
      take some pictures. Couldn't go inside, but I was glad they let me
      go at all since I had to climb a gate to get there!

      I grew up not far from Perryville and cannot believe I have not been
      there more than I have. A much more significant battle than usually
      credited. Definitely a high water mark for the Confederacy in the
      West, IMO.

      I also made it to Mill Springs. That's also an interesting battle
      and deserves more attention than it usually gets.


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      > "Does this sound like Kurt"
      > Kurt is much younger. The older gentleman doing tours a couple years
      > ago was retired Navy. And I too am unable to remember his name or
      > his card. He was semi-retired from tours because of trouble with his
      > legs. IIRC said he was in his mid 70's. I found his pic. in some
      > I finally had developed over the weekend. Will continue looking for
      > his card.
      > Anyway, he gave a grand tour for me in '02, taking me across the
      > to Bragg's headquarters and the stream behind Bragg's HQ, and then
      > the same Confederate burial spot. Before the day was out he got me
      > onto the property alongside Dug Road and said to go ahead and take a
      > walk down it. I did get some pics which will shortly be appearing on
      > my website. To date, still not sure I really had permission to walk
      > either site, but did get a few photos.
      > I've read both Ken's books on Perryville. For history use both, for
      > maps I prefer Hafendorfer's. Also read War in Kentucy by McDonough,
      > and parts of the OR's. Last year, when I visited with a friend of
      > mine, we split the field into 2 parts and spend 1 day on each half,
      > reading from both books and the OR's as we walked the ground. Did
      > to spend some time with Kurt, looking for the site of a cemetery
      > off the main battle area.
      > Was trying to help trace the path of the 121 OVI for someone doing a
      > regimental history.
      > I also enjoyed "When The Ripe Pears Fell" but todate have not run
      > to visit the Richmond area. Maybe on another trip, although after 3
      > I'm not in a big hurry to go back.
      > For anyone going besure to try and include Bardstown as part of the
      > trip. They have a excellent CW musuem, and are building up a
      > Village. I have a few pics of the village on my website also, if
      > anyone is interesting in viewing them at http://mobile96.com
      > Chuck in Il.
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