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Camp Boone Threatened!!

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  • Steven Stewart
    CAmp Boone near Clarksvile, Tennessee is beng threatened by Commerical Developement! The camp was the site where the famed Kentucky Orphan Brigade was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
      CAmp Boone near Clarksvile, Tennessee is beng
      threatened by Commerical Developement! The camp was
      the site where the famed Kentucky Orphan Brigade was
      organized. Please see following article with details
      to see how you can help.

      News Article Clarksville Civil War site threatened
      by growth From staff reports
      CLARKSVILLE -- The site of a Civil War-era recruiting
      and mustering camp for the storied "Orphan Brigade" in
      Clarksville, Tenn., is under the threat of
      development, and advocates are asking residents
      interested in history to attend zoning meetings this
      week and next. "This camp was the site of mustering by
      hundreds, if not thousands of Kentuckians and
      Tennesseeans on horseback, taking more than a few
      acres along Spring Creek for bathing, watering horses,
      and drilling over several acres," Clarksville attorney
      Cleo Hogan said. "The land upon which this muster
      ground is located is up for rezoning to a category
      that will allow truck stops, and many other uses,"
      Hogan added. According to a news release, the site,
      which remains largely undisturbed since the 1860s, is
      located north of Clarksville on U.S. 70 toward
      Guthrie, Ky. The Regional Planning Commission has
      recommended approval of the rezoning request should
      there be no objection of the public, and that
      recommendation is set for an informal hearing before
      the full County Commission at 7 p.m. Thursday and
      final approval at 7 p.m. July 12. "We need to get
      dozens of supporters there to help save this historic
      site. We need to let the County Commission know that
      people in the area support historic preservation and
      that such sites are part of our history," said Greg
      Biggs, president of the Clarksville Civil War
      Roundtable. "These sites are also of great interest to
      tourists who come through this area to visit Civil War
      sites. "None of us wishes to prevent new jobs from
      coming to our community, but there is a way that the
      developer can have their site and historians can have
      theirs," Biggs said. "It just takes some cooperation
      and planning to make this happen. This has been
      successfully done in several Civil War areas of
      Virginia and Georgia, where the developers
      incorporated Civil War sites into their development.
      Both sides win in that scenario -- and that can happen
      here." Biggs noted that a cooperative effort between
      several heritage groups and the Clarksville museum
      will lead to the creation of a comprehensive driving
      tour of Civil War sites that would include the sites
      of training camps, forts, battles, historic homes and
      cemeteries. The Orphan Brigade site is to be a pivotal
      part of the planned map tour. Steven Stewart of the
      Customs House Museum and Cultural Center in
      Clarksville can be contacted at (931) 648-5780. E-Mail
      this article to a friend. [See the attached file]
      [See the attached file]

      From the Kentucky New Era Newspaper, Hopkinsville, KY

      Steven B.G. Stewart

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