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Re: Western Theater errata, No. 2

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  • hartshje
    Dave, This is about the same as I had figured, and proves my point. Thanks. Joe H. ... Brigade ... Beatty s ... 88th Indiana, ... Snodgrass. All told, ...
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 30, 2004

      This is about the same as I had figured, and proves my point. Thanks.

      Joe H.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, DPowell334@A... wrote:
      > Negley left the field with 6 regiments. He took with him Sirwell's
      > (three regiments, minus the now storied 21st Ohio) and parts of
      > Brigade, the 104th Illinois, 15th Ky, and 42nd Indiana. Part of the
      88th Indiana,
      > also from Beatty, retired with Negley, and part remained on
      Snodgrass. All told,
      > I think Negley departed the field with 1900 infantry and about 30
      cannon. They
      > were not routed, but they certainly were off the field, due to what
      > believed was a general rout.
      > Van Cleve's brigades were Sam Beatty, Dick, and Barnes. Barnes was
      > acting under Wood's direction, as noted, and remained on the field
      in various
      > fights all day. Dick's brigade was fragmented during the
      breakthrough. elements
      > of the 44th Indiana and 13th Ohio formed on Snodgrass, but only
      > The 13th had about 100 men with the regiment on Snodgrass, of about
      250 that
      > started the day. I think we can consider Dick routed as well, with
      3/4 of his men
      > off the field.
      > Sam Beatty's command has a similar problem. The 79th Indiana seems
      to have
      > been completely swept away. The 9th and 17th Ky rallied portions of
      > regiments with Brannan, (the 17th claiming about 100 men on
      Snodgrass) the 90th Ohio
      > shattered completely, and the regiment was not reformed until after
      > though the regimental commander does claim that his men fought by
      squads alongside
      > other units. I think we can consider at least half of Sam Beatty
      gone as well.
      > I think a stronger case can be made for Brannan's men staying. Van
      > Brigade was up near Kelly field at the time, and had just helped
      > Breckinridge. Croxton's command was split, with at least two
      regiments serving with
      > Reynolds for the day, and three others up on Snodgrass. Connell's
      brigade also
      > largely rallied on Snodgrass. Certainly Croxton and Connell had
      > but the bulk of their forces kept together. Call it a wash with Sam
      Beatty and
      > Dick.
      > Thus, I would add to Lee's count of 6 brigades:
      > 2 brigades from Van Cleve, and 1 1/2 brigades from Negley, total of
      3.5 more
      > brigades off the field.
      > Total - 9.5 brigades left the fight before the stand on Snodgrass.
      > Dave Powell
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