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  • JesseScrapbook@aol.com
    ... one headed ... Below my signature are excerpts from a letter written by Bloody Bill, as reprinted in the August 4, 1864 edition of The New York Times. The
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      >(Quantrill's) guerrilla band broke up into several smaller units, including
      one headed
      >by his vicious lieutenant, "Bloody Bill" Anderson, known for wearing a
      >necklace of Yankee scalps into battle(!!!) Quantrill himself was eventually
      >killed on a raid into Kentucky in 1865.

      Below my signature are excerpts from a letter written by Bloody Bill, as
      reprinted in the August 4, 1864 edition of The New York Times. The errors in
      spelling, punctuation and grammar are his.

      George Jansen
      Author of The Jesse James Scrapbook

      July 7, 1864.
      To the editors of the two papers in lexington to the Citizens and the
      community at large General Brown and Col McFairran and his petty hirelings sutch as
      Captain Burris the friend of Anderson
      Mr editors in readding Both your papers I see you urge the policy of the
      citizens taking up arms to defend their persons and property, you are only asking
      them to sign their death warrents do you not know Sirs that you have some of
      Mosouries proudest Best and noblest sons to cope with Sirs ask the people of
      Mo. who is acquainted with me if Anderson ever robed them or misstreated them in
      manner all those that speaks the truth will say never... But listen to me,
      fellow citizens. Do not obey this last order. Do not take up arms if you value
      your lives and propperty It is not in my power to save your lives, if you
      proclaim to be in arms against guerrillers. I will kill you I will hunt you down
      like wolves and murder you. You cannot escape. It will not be Federals after
      you. Your arms will be no protection to you. 25 of my men can whip all that can
      get together it will not be mulishia sutch as McFairrons But regulars that has
      Been in the field for three years that is armed with from 2 to four pistols
      and sharps rifles. I commenced at the first of this war to fight for my country
      not to steal from it I have chosen guerriller warfare for to revenge my self
      for rongs that I could not honerably avenge other wise... the Yanks sought my
      life but failed to get me revenged theirselves by murdering my father
      destroying all my property, and have since that time murdered one of my sisters and
      kept the other two in jail 12 months But I have fully glutted my vengeance I have
      killed many I am a guerriller... I have tried to teach the people of Mo. that
      I am their friend... take up arms against me and you are federals, your
      doctrine is an absurdity and I will kill you for being fools. Beware men Before you
      make this fearful leap... Let the federals know that Mo sons will not be
      trampled on I have no time to say anything more to you be careful how you act for
      my eyes are uppon you...

      yours respectfully
      Commanding Kansas First gurillers.
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