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  • Daniel Giallombardo
    I thought I d already answered this, but I guess I ve had yet another senior moment.there are reports of ghosts in and near the site of Alton [Illinois]
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 28, 2004
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                                          I thought I’d already answered this, but I guess I’ve had yet another senior moment…there are reports of ghosts in and near the site of Alton [ Illinois ] prison, and the Alton Prison cemetery as well.--Dan


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      Mr. Mix...

      The only ACW western theater place I've heard ghosts mentioned is at
      Murfreesboro , Tennessee . The cotton field portion down near the
      Wilkinson Pike is the particular site. You might give the park an e-

      Chickamauga has a couple of legends. The most famous is "greeneyes" - a haunt that roams the battlefield. His eyes are reputed to glow green. Of course, ever seen a varmint's eyes in headlights, say, on a foggy night?

      I have also heard that if you sit at the base of the KY monument all night, at some point the bare-breasted lady at the top will come down with her sword and cut your head off.

      Gettysburg only had a couple of ghost stories about it, as well, until the locals turned it into a cottage industry. Now there are dozens of 'legends' Most are so obviously manufactured you can almost see "made in Taiwan ' stamped on them:)

      Dave Powell

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