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Fw: [civilwarwest] NEED RESEARCH HELP...

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  • Mary Alice Pickett
    Hi Tom and Jim, Troy Taylor has authored numerous Haunted books with a focus on the midwest. He is a fellow Decatur, Illinoian and I ll vouch that he s a
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      Hi Tom and Jim,
      Troy Taylor has authored numerous "Haunted" books with a focus on the midwest.  He is a fellow Decatur, Illinoian and I'll vouch that he's a pretty good guy as well.  My brother has enjoyed more than one "eerie" experience in his company as he helps out with annual "Haunted Decatur" tours during the month of October.  I will also say Troy is a good "story teller".  His books are enjoyably entertaining and the ones I've read seem historically correct to the best of my limited knowledge.   
      I thought perhaps you might want to look over these sites to see if there is anything of interest to you. 
      http://www.prairieghosts.com/spirits_war.html  Troy authored a CW book.  I have it, but it's at my parent's home in IL so I honestly can't tell you whether it's weighted Eastern or Western Theater.  Sorry.
      http://www.prairieghosts.com/troytaylor.html  This is a listing of Troy's books.  Know even in his Haunted Decatur books there are stories of the CW era.  The one he relates that pains me most is the one of CSA soldier prisoners being transported by train through Decatur up to prison near Chicago.  Several, ill with typhoid fever, were detrained in Decatur and buried (dead and near dead as the local story goes) in unmarked paupers' graves on a hillside in Greenwood Cemetery.  The cemetery is right on the Sangamon River.  During a flood some years later, many of the remains on that hillside were exposed.  The soldiers were among them.  They were then reburied in a mass grave on the hillside higher up, again without markers.  There is a dedicated military plot in the cemetery very nearby for local US CW veterans, all having markers.  Legend has it that there is a young fellow in a tattered gray uniform who appears by these US soldiers' graves at dusk on occasion and asks to "Go home".  (Unfortunately, I've not met him, but it's not for a lack of trying.  (-:  )  It's my firm belief that these soldiers' remains need to be reinterred in the South, their homeland.  I've checked with the cemetery and there are no records of the names of these men.  The cemetery office does admit the story is a true one.  To date, the exact location of the remains is illusive and there is no active effort underway to locate them.  With the help of the SCV, a good lawyer and some infrared equipment, I do believe a project to put them to rest "at home" could be accomplished.  Any volunteers to help out there?!?  (-:          
      http://www.militaryghosts.com/  There might be something for you in David Goodwin's books as well.
      Best of luck in your search for "spooky stories".
      Mary Alice Pickett, aka MAP  (-:
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      From: Tom Mix
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      Earlier  a group member mentioned the books on ghost stories in Gettysburg. Does anyone know of any books on this subject in the Western battlefields? Thanks, Tom Mix


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      Group, if the moderators don’t mind, “clutter” it up. I found those last ones quite fascinating. One was very eerie.  That one I printed out. It was the one about the skeptic who felt someone kick him awake to take watch but no one else was there. That kind of got close. So I, for one, would find some more of interest whether I believe in them or not.

      Tom Mix


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      Some of you already know, but one of my hobbies is collecting ghost stories and stories of the unexplained/paranormal. I'm looking for Civil War related stories to add to my collection, particularly stories that are not widely known. If any of you know any stories or legends like this, please let me know. If you don't want to clutter up the forum with it, please email me personally at lordjim@...





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