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Civil War Roster Sale

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  • Bill Brown
    Hi! I received permission from shotgun to post this flyer to our esteemed group.
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          I received permission from "shotgun" to post this flyer to our esteemed group.

      Visit the Historical Publications Section’s secured online store at http://store.yahoo.com/nc-historical-publications.


      North Carolina Office of Archives and History



      A Limited Reprint Edition


      Tentative Printing Schedule and Prices


      Available           Volume            Units Covered                                          Pages             Price

      Apr 2004                  I                       Artillery                                                         744               $55

      Apr 2004                 II                       Cavalry                                                         856               $65

      June 2004                III                      Infantry: 1st-3rd Regts., Misc. Units               744               $55

      June 2004               IV                      Infantry: 4th-8th Regts.                                  768               $60

      Aug 2004                 V                       Infantry: 11th-15th Regts., 13th Btn.              760               $55

      Aug 2004                VI                      Infantry: 16th-18th & 10th-21st Regts.           792               $60

      Oct 2004                VII                     Infantry: 22nd-26th Regts.                             736               $55

      Oct 2004               VIII                     Infantry: 27th-31st Regts.                               584               $50

      Dec 2004                IX                      Infantry: 32nd-35th & 37th Regts.                  676               $55

      Dec 2004                 X                       Infantry: 38th-39th & 42nd-44th Regts.         568               $50

      Feb 2004                XI                      Infantry: 45th-48th Regts.                              562               $50

      Feb 2004                XII                     Infantry: 49th-52nd Regts.                             586               $50

      Apr 2005               XIII                     Infantry: 53rd-56th Regts.                              772               $60

      Apr 2005               XIV                     Infantry: 57th-61st Regts.                               842              $65

      Available Now       XV                     Infantry: 62nd, 64th & 66th-68th Regts.         637               $40

      é Acid-Free Paper  é   Sewn Binding é

      é Sturdy Cloth Covers   é   Gold Stamping  é

      é Vols. 1-7 Have Addendums   é   Matching Dust Jackets é



      Colonial Records of North Carolina [Second Series]

      Volume II, North Carolina Higher Court Records, 1670-1696

      A Limited Reprint Edition


      é   553 pages   é   Index   é   Clothbound   é   $50.00   é


      Single copies of Volumes 1 and 3-10 of the Colonial Records are also available for purchase. For contents and prices of individual volumes, call (919) 733-7442 or visit the Historical Publications Section’s secured online store at http://store.yahoo.com/nc-historical-publications.


      Special Offer

      Buy the complete set of Colonial Records(10 volumes—a $367 value) for only $250, plus tax and shipping.



      Please Direct All Inquiries to





      "There are no bad regiments, there are only bad officers."
                              Field Marshall Lord William (Bill) Slim
      William H. (Bill) Brown
      Editor II, Governors' Documentaries
      Historical Publications Section (Office of Archives and History)
      "Opinions expressed in this message may not represent the policy of my agency & 
       E-Mail to and from me, in connection with the transaction of public business,
      is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.”
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