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  • tasimmo
    ... and some ... John Kelly, I ... brigade ... Both of them ... commanded Arkansas ... would get ... action at the ... Thomas ... Colonel Antony ... Cuba and
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2004
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, LWhite64@a... wrote:
      > Tom,
      > Oh the Colonels and Brigadiers of the AOT were a fascinating
      and some
      > of them had some real talent. You mention both John Murray and
      John Kelly, I
      > have studied them a good bit as they were both in Liddell's/Govan's
      > which has been a point of study for me for the past ten years.
      Both of them
      > were young, both at West Point when the war broke out, both
      commanded Arkansas
      > Regiments in the same brigade, and both would die in combat. Kelly
      would get
      > promoted and did a fantastic and largely unrecognized delaying
      action at the
      > Battle of Pickett's Mill.
      > There are others worthy of mention too, Colonel/General
      > Benton Smith, another Boy General, and then you have some like
      Colonel Antony
      > Francois Rudler, he served in the Mexican War, was a Filibuster in
      Cuba and in
      > Nicaragua, he did good service in the AOT, until severly wounded at
      > Ridge.
      > Lee


      Very interesting stuff; yes, there were seemingly many "bright
      blades" coming out of the "Cleburne connection" (and elsewhere). My
      overall point with this line of reasoning is that the AOT was NOT
      the rabble Hood represented them to be to Jefferson Davis.

      I didn't know this about Murray, but apparently his commission as a
      brigadier general was approved on the day he died (?).

      BTW, I would like to exchange a private e-mail with you. I'm at


      Tom S.
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