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[civilwarwest] Re: Grant

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  • JackEhmer123@aol.com
    In a message dated 11/22/1999 12:57:53 PM Mountain Standard Time, neho69@hotmail.com writes:
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      In a message dated 11/22/1999 12:57:53 PM Mountain Standard Time,
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      << Subj: [civilwarwest] Re: Grant
      Date: 11/22/1999 12:57:53 PM Mountain Standard Time
      From: neho69@... (Mike Meno)
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      If Lee had taken Washington after Gettysburg, my guess is the North would
      surrender immediately. It's one thing when Richmond is captured because it
      was a rebel capital of a country still trying to declare independence.
      Washington on the other hand was the capital of an already sturdy nation and
      if it were captured by rebels, I don't think there would be time for Grant
      to move east, the war would have been over. The northern public wanted the
      war to end and didn't care in whose favor. It still would be interesting

      Your Obedient Servant:
      -Mike Meno

      >From: "Carl Themes" <darthcarl13@...>
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      >Subject: [civilwarwest] Grant
      >Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:20:50 -0800
      >Hows about another what If?
      >What if Lee had taken Washington after a victory at Gettysburg.
      >Lincoln's last order out is to send for Grant's Army of the Tennessee.
      >Rosencrans marks time opposite Bragg. Grant's army moves east to
      >retake Washington. What do y'all think?
      >Carl >>

      It's difficult to envision a confederate victory at Gettysburg, given the
      circumstances that Lee was attacking a numerically superior army in a strong
      defensive position and he lacked adequate supplies and knowledge of the
      enemy's position and capability. A far more likely scenario would be complete
      disaster if Meade had been inclined to pursue.

      However, for the sake of discussion, let's assume that Lee had decided to
      attack Washington on his way back to Virginia. To do so, he would have again
      been attacking a vastly superior numerical enemy in an extemely strong
      defensive position while his forces would have been greatly weakened and with
      ammunition in short supply from his battle in Pennsylvania.

      Again for the sake of discussion, let's assume that he did capture
      Washington. Washington was, like Richmond, a symbol without great strategic
      importance. In fact, the geographical location of Washington was a great
      disadvantage, being nearly surrounded by unfriendly territory. Lincoln would
      have had ample opportunity to move the government to Philadelphia or New

      Again, to assume that the North wanted the war over at any cost (including
      surrender) is just not justified by the facts. While there were a significant
      number of Copperheads, the overwhelmingly sentiment was pro-union. In fact,
      the capture of Washington would likely have infuriated the North and led to
      large numbers of recruits to avenge the insult.

      None of which would have brought Grant back East quickly since he had to
      consolidate his gains in the West.

      Just my opinions,

      Jack Ehmer
    • Laurence D. Schiller
      ... Sorry to hear this - and so it goes... That s why I try to give what I can to the CWPT. ... Excellent idea, Lt. Col. Fremantle! ... Good question and I
      Message 72 of 72 , Sep 16, 2005
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        At 2:48 AM +0000 9/16/05, civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com wrote:
        > The farm between the Park and the Interstate 24 has just sold
        >(500A) and zoned commercial hwy. The farm on the old Wilkinson Pike.

        Sorry to hear this - and so it goes... That's why I try to give what
        I can to the CWPT.

        >The chance for winning...
        >We are at the head knocking wall . Would you like a cup of English tea.

        Excellent idea, Lt. Col. Fremantle!

        >Let me turn this debate to a subject I've only listened to in the past.
        >If the North is so strong that no possibility of winning militarily
        >then does that put Grant in another light. Did he just keep throwing
        >men into the fire and had no real strategy to beat Lee other than
        >wear him down. Could any General have accomplished this.

        Good question and I will pass for the moment - I've other work to do
        and I think have talked enough for now. Back to a bit of lurking as
        I've got an official visit for a recruit about to start.

        Talk to you soon.

        Laurie Schiller

        >John Hooper

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