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Re: Monaghan's CW on the Western Border

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  • James Downing
    When I was a small child my grandfather gave me his well-read copy to learn more about the area around our Kansas farm. Now almost 15 years later I m working
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2003
      When I was a small child my grandfather gave me his well-read copy to
      learn more about the area around our Kansas farm. Now almost 15
      years later I'm working on graduate work in history thanks to the
      spark that book created and now whenever I visit a site out East I
      keep a couple to give away to let people know that the war did not
      end at the Mississippi river. Monaghan is more neutral in his view
      of the war then say Wiley Britton's two volume set "The Civil War on
      the Border" but I guess that has to do with the time both were
      written. Britton does a great job in the details since it was
      written in 1899 but he tends to lean toward the north.
      Thanks for the input on Cpt. Bledsoe issue I think the only
      way that it could be proved if the cannon in Lawrence is the one that
      was with Bledsoe would to test the metal content of it to see the
      amount of silver. If anyone else has seen any more information on
      this or the Missouri State guard I really appreciate it. The story
      of Bledsoe is pretty intresting to me and the more I read on it the
      better it's getting I'm hoping that I can get enough info about
      Bledsoe and Old Sac to have it published.

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      > Before mustering in KS, MO & Arkansas last June members of Civil
      War Interactive Premium's chatroom read this book and discussed it on
      subsequent Sunday evenings. It was very much enjoyed by all who took
      part. Repeatedly the comment was made that nowhere previously had
      people encountered some of the information contained in Monaghan's
      book. I'd certainly recommend it. I'd expect that there are others
      on the list who took part in the book chats and who would speak
      favorably of CWotWB.
      > Best regards.
      > Pat
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      > Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Looking for Info on Cpt. Hiram
      Bledsoe & Old Sacermento
      > Hello, James, glad someone was able to help with your question.
      > I have a question for you: do you reccommend the below book? I am
      > to bone up a little more on the far west theater.
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      > > Hi there, First Time poster, though I have a question for the
      > > Reading Jay Monaghan (Civil War in the West) I came upon the
      story of
      > > the Mexican War Cannon Old Sacramento, Being a native of
      Lawrence KS,
      > > I recognized the name right away as a pivotal member of the
      > > War (1854). The story at the Lawrence Historical society was
      that it
      > > was captures at the battle of Fort Titus By free State men and
      > > for the rest the civil war, only unburied after the war was
      > > This does not flow from everything else I have read, which
      > > that it was a big part of Bledsoe's company up to Pea Ridge when
      > > it
      > > was captured and returned to the North's arsenal. Anyone out
      > > there
      > > familiar with this story or have any info on Bledsoe or Old
      > > please let me know, I'll share the info I have on both also if
      > > needed. Email jamesbdowning@y... .I'll try to stay more
      > > active
      > > in the group as well. Thanks..
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