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Re: [civilwarwest] An unpaid for political announcement!!!!!!!

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  • Dick Weeks
    Hi Steve, What an interesting organization. I didn t know it existed. I was wondering, do you personally know if they are what this announcement says they
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 3, 2001
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      Hi Steve,

      What an interesting organization. I didn't know it existed. I was
      wondering, do you personally know if they are what this announcement says
      they are? If so, and you say there are indeed legitimate, I am thinking
      very seriously about contacting them and volunteering my services through my
      website. I can do this because they are not commercial and it appears to be
      a cause in which I believe. While I couldn't help much with the money end
      of it, I do have a fairly powerful voice in the Civil War community with the
      site. This time of the year it gets 60,000+ a day and climbs from there as
      the year progresses. Even if you take away the hits for images, multiple
      hits by the same individual, etc. you are still talking about 20,000+
      individual visits a day and if only 5% of those that came to the site
      clicked on something to do with that organization, that is still quite a lot
      of folks that would know about it who otherwise wouldn't. Do you know if
      they have a website? If so I could link it, if not I could make a little
      page describing what they do. Just a thought.

      Anyway, while I have everyone's attention I would like to mention something
      else. I see the discussion has turned to Stone's River (a.k.a. The Battle
      of Murfreesboro) for which I am grateful. I'm learning a lot. This is just
      for the newcomers to the group and those that might have gotten to the
      discussion group through some other venue than my website. I have got quite
      a bit on Stone's River on my website that some might not know about.
      However, I would advise those that do not want to do a lot of reading, don't
      even bother with a visit to the site. There is a lot there and is it is
      fairly detailed. Here's the link for those that are interested.


      Ya'll take care now ya hear!

      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)

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      > I recently recieved the below message. I hope you do not mind me
      > passing it on here-----------
      > A National Lobbying Group
      > Dedicated to Preservation of American Battlefields
      > PO Box 7281, Little Rock AR 72217 /<heritagepac@...>
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