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Re: [civilwarwest] Atlanta battlefields?? Where were they

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  • CashG79@aol.com
    In a message dated Sun, 28 Jan 2001 1:27:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, William A. Turnier writes:
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      In a message dated Sun, 28 Jan 2001 1:27:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, "William A. Turnier" <turnierwa@...> writes:

      << I am living in Atlanta and have been trying to figure out where the battles
      took places. I have looked all over the Internet, looked at old maps and
      found nothing. I am particularly looking for the spot where McPherson was
      shot. I have figured where some of that battle of Atlanta took place.
      I know nothing exists of the battlefield (lets here it for suburban
      spiral!!) but I would like to see the land. You still can honor people who
      died there by visiting the places where they die. By Honoring them every
      thing comes into perspective and most of lives problems seem small.

      Here is what I already have.
      All I know is that the battle of Atlanta took places in or around the inman
      Marta parking lot. And I think McPherson dies somewhere on McPherson Ave
      but where. I would like as much info that I can collect maybe but it up on
      the web to let other people to look at the spots that I have been looking
      for. I have a desire to visit old unprotected battlefields and look at
      before and after pictures. On One will be willing to protect the sites
      unless they know How Ravaged other sites have happened. To see we have lost
      battles already makes it all the important to save what it left.

      You Obedient servant

      William Turnier

      I would suggest visiting the Battlefield Visitor's Center operated by the National Park Service and ask one of the rangers. I bet they can direct you to the exact location.

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