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      << Also, Sherman couldn't have been a Mason and
      a Catholic at the same time, as not only were Catholics forbidden to join a
      secret society, but some Masons plotted against the Church. >>

      Although Ellen and the entire family were devote Catholics, Sherman was a
      Catholic in name only, never a practicing one. When his father died when
      Cump was nine years old, Thomas Ewing was not only a next door neighbor, but
      a good friend of Cump's father, took the burden of raising Cump from his
      mother, as other siblings were raised with relatives. Ewing's wife agreed to
      do this under one condition, that Tecumseh be baptised in the Catholic faith.
      Since Catholics during that period of time, (and I believe they still do)
      named their children after saints. Since there is no St Tecumseh, thus being
      baptised on St William's Day, he was given that name. Cump never cared for
      the Catholic faith and was devestated when he found out his son was to be
      ordained as a priest. After that happened, it took Sherman a long time even
      to mention his name again.

      Source: <A HREF="http://cawley.archives.nd.edu/MSHR.HTM">Notre Dame
      Archives Inventory: MSHR</A>
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