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Re: [civilwarwest] Civil War Memoirs

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  • L.A. Chambliss
    Bob, Try Edward Porter Alexander s Fighting For the Confederacy. The background here is that this was (like the Secret Memoir of G. Thomas , but in real
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 2, 2000

      Try Edward Porter Alexander's "Fighting For the Confederacy."

      The background here is that this was (like the "Secret Memoir of G. Thomas",
      but in real life!) written solely for the benefit of Alexander's family and
      children who apparently pestered him with "what did you do in the war,
      Daddy?" requests until he just couldn't stand it any more. It was never
      intended to be published, and was not until somehow Gary Gallagher became
      aware of its existence. He persuaded the family to let him edit it and
      release it to the public.

      I am not positive but Alexander may have written another "sanitized" postwar
      book like almost everybody did, either to make a buck for themselves or some
      charity. Be sure to look for Gallagher's name and read the forward to make
      sure you have the right one. It is in print and Amazon has it at:


      (Disclaimer: if you hit that link and buy the book my magazine makes a small
      commission, thank you very much.)

      Regrettably I have not read this myself (I anticipate having time for
      recreational reading again somewhere in the middle of 2007) but it is said to
      be about as honest as a book of this sort can be. It is a tad off-topic here
      as all of Alexander's service was in the Eastern Theater, but as much as
      other commanders shuffled back and forth between east and west I he might
      have insightful things to say about them.



      Civil War Interactive

      Bob Redman wrote:

      > Dear fellow WT enthusiasts,
      > I've read Grant's and Sherman's Memoirs, have now read some excerpts from
      > Hood's. They all tell more about the authors than about what happened. Can
      > anyone recommend the memoirs of a top level commander on either side
      > (better both sides) who was able to maintain some sort of objectivity and
      > a sense of humor?
      > Greetings,
      > Bob Redman
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