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Re: [civilwarwest] Additional info on Pillow

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  • Don Myers
    AoT; What I was talking about in reference Grant s opinion of Pillow dealt with his feelings towards Pillows strategy for defense. It was attributed that
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      What I was talking about in reference Grant's opinion of Pillow dealt with
      his feelings towards Pillows strategy for defense. It was attributed that
      Grant had said he felt comfortable that he could march to within view of the
      works at Ft. Donelson without fear of being bothered by Pillow. This was in
      reference to concern by subordinates of a pre-emptive strike since Grant's
      forces were bogged down for almost a week with poor road conditions and
      supply problems.
      I did read some place that the only force to challange the move from Ft.
      Henry to Ft. Donelson was Forrest's cavalry unit. IMHO up until the actual
      fall of the fort the CSA forces outnumbered, and at least equalled or
      outgunned Grant's forces, as long as they were out of range of Foote's
      Don Myers
      P.S. Are you really going to make me look up "Erudite". I am just a simple
      country boy.
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      >Several years ago, in doing some research helping a fellow that was writing
      >a book, I stumbled upon the following additional information regarding
      >Pillow. After the war he returned to Memphis where he became law partner
      >with former Tenn Gov. Isham Harris.
      >Also one of his clients became Bedford Forrest.
      >Forrest was Pillows primary witness in his contant pressing for a board of
      >inquiry regarding the responsibility the surrender of Ft. Donelson.
      >I have become convinced that Pillow was not the total worthless boob that
      >history has made him . Pillow appears not to have wanted the garrison to
      >surrender at Ft. Donelson. Forrest executed an affidavit swearing he had
      >heard Pillow trying to persuade Floyd and Buckner to fight on. Pillow used
      >so real legal pettifoggery in trying to explain why he passed command and
      >abandoned the garrison. The later charges of 'personal cowardise @
      >Murfreesboro is highly suspect. The source of which was no doubt the long
      >over looked Kentucky-Tennessee feud that raged just below the surface in
      >the AoT.
      >Do not get me wrong. I do not think Pillow was a great commander but I do
      >think that much like one line in in Grant's Memories has colored popluar
      >historians view of Thomas similarly one sentence from the same book has
      >much to color people's views of Pillow and saved Simon Buckner from
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