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Reading Material regarding Cleburne

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  • Stephen D Wakefield
    Some folks had recently asked about additional reading material concerning Patrick R. Cleburne. I here reproduce some thoughts I have previously sent to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2000
      Some folks had recently asked about additional reading material concerning
      Patrick R. Cleburne. I here reproduce some thoughts I have previously sent
      to others. First, in response to question regarding books... the best
      biography is "Pat Cleburne Confederate General" by Howell Purdue
      (unfortunately presently out of print.) Symonds "Stone Wall or the West
      Patrick Cleburne &the Civil War" is readily available and ok but not as good
      as Purdue and I personally believe to be a little off the mark on a couple
      points- one example being Symonds being somewhat critical of Cleburne's
      performance at Shiloh- I believe this is a tad of a stretch and I do not
      think Symonds gives proper consideration to the lack of discipline and level
      of training of the southern troops at Shiloh. There is a nice little book
      called "Biographical Sketches of Pat Cleburne and Gen T.C. Hindman" written
      by Dr. Charles Nash a fellow citizen of Helena Arkansas. Nash was also
      Cleburne's business partner and landlord during Cleburne's career in Helena
      Arkansas though the 1850s. This book is good in telling of Cleburne's
      personal life and pre-war career- it is essential if you are trying to get a
      real feel for Cleburne the man and not the General. The book is really no
      good for the war years except in so far as it talks about Pat's engagement
      to Mary Tarleton of Mobile Ala. A very good book is "Cleburne and his
      Command" by Irving Buck, the adjutant of Cleburne's division for most of the
      war. If you want to read about the organization and operation of the
      general's division this is a good read.Buck obviously thought the world of
      Cleburne, lots of good stories about HQ's pet racoon,unique training methods
      of General Cleburne , etc... Also you might want to read Cleburne Divisions
      Battle Reports they are consistently very well done relatively complete and
      very readable.
      Folks there are some other very good books about Cleburne's division.
      First is "One of Cleburne's Command-The Reminiscences of Capt, Samuel T.
      Foster of Granberry's Texas Brigade". Some very interesting stuff here from
      a company commander in the Texas brigade that was assigned to Cleburne's
      Division in May'63. Next "Reminiscences of a Private" by William Blevins of
      the 1st Arkansas. A unit in the "mixed" brigade (Lucius Polk commander) of
      Cleburne's Division. "Unwritten Chapters of the War Between the States" by
      Lt. R.M. Collins of the 15th Texas Dismounted Cavalry of GRANBURY's Texas
      Finally a pretty interesting book is "Liddell's Record"by St John R.
      Liddell Brig Gen C.S.A.. Liddell's book is pretty interesting.For awhile
      Liddell commanded the Arkansas Brigade of Cleburne's Division (this brigade
      was commanded for much of the war by Daniel Govan). Liddell's observations
      are very interesting because he was sympathetic to Bragg and also on
      speaking terms with Jeff Davis. Also St. John is not a total Cleburne fan
      and is one of the very few that says less than complimentary things about
      Cleburne. Not out and out bad things but intimates that Cleburne was very
      ambitious and somewhat of a suck up to Hardee. Before I quit a very good
      read is "A Meteor Shining Bright" essays on Patrick Cleburne.Of the essays
      in my humble opinion Tom Cartwright's "The Battle of Franklin" is by far and
      away the best. Hope this helps folks wanting to read more about Ole Pat and
      the men who followed the 'Silver Moon flags'.
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