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[civilwarwest] Re: Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (Nov 1864) --- Artillery Engaged in Battle

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  • Wayne Mulig
    Andy, Have been reading about Atlanta Campaign and Franklin a lot lately and almost couldn t find the statement I had mentioned. I did find it in Five Tragic
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      Have been reading about Atlanta Campaign and Franklin a lot lately and
      almost couldn't find the statement I had mentioned. I did find it in Five
      Tragic Hours: The Battle of Franklin by James L. McDonough and Thomas L.
      Connelly ... On page 65 of that work they discuss the careless behavior of
      Hood in attacking without S.D. Lee's Corps and most of the Army's artillery
      ... "Later, in his memoirs, Hood maintained that he deliberately avoided
      using artillery at Franklin because it would have posed a threat to women in
      children in the village. This is sheer fantasy. Hood did use what artillery
      was available in the assault. Two batteries were on the field and one was
      assigned to each corps." [p.65]

      Thus my original question concerning the identity of the two batteries ...
      *S* ...

      I don't have a copy of Hood's memoirs, but think that would be interesting
      to read .... in their book McDonough and Connelly use it to indicate that
      Hood in later years tended to cover his tracks as best as he could .. as did
      many leaders after the passage of time and the stirrings of controversy ...

      Hope this has proved interesting to you ... and again thanks for your help

      Wayne Mulig

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      >Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (Nov 1864) ---
      >Artillery Engaged in Battle
      >Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 05:05:24 -0800
      >"wayne mulig" <twmuli-@...> wrote:
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      > > Thanks Andy.
      > >
      > > Could you stir me to your sources? I think you are very right about
      > > 1st Kentucky ... from what I gather (without knowing the identity of
      > > battery) ... the guns were captured by the Confederates quite early
      >in the
      > > breech of the Union lines ... but were not used by the Southerners
      > > the Blue lines ... Have read conflicting reports on Confederate
      > > ... Hood at one point seems to hint that more artillery was
      >available, but
      > > for fear of hitting civilians within Franklin, they weren't used ....
      > > like a "cover-up" after the fact to me ...*S* ...
      > >
      > > Again, thanks Andy,
      > >
      > > Sincerely,
      > >
      > > Wayne Mulig
      > Sorry for the delay....been away for a few days. The two books I
      >used for sources were "The Confederacys Last Hurrah" by Wiley Sword and
      >"Shrouds of Glory" by Winston Groom (of Forrest Gump fame). Grooms book
      >was more fun to read but supposedly has more innaccuracies. Yes... the
      >Kentucky 1st guns were captured early. They were turned, but couldn't
      >be fired. I've read two reasons for this; either they were spiked or
      >the confederates couldn't find any primers. I think if they were spiked
      >they wouldn't have bothered turning them in the first place but who
      >knows. I'd be interested in YOUR source on Hood's views on the use of
      >his artillery there. 3 months earlier, when the shoe was on the other
      >foor at Atlanta, Hood was incensed at Sherman for shelling the town and
      >killing civilians. You'd think Shermans reply, basically that Hood
      >holing his army up in the town made it fair game, would have made Hood
      >a little less sensitive as to the plight of civilians in Franklin. Then
      >again Franklin was secesh.
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