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[civilwarwest] Re: INFO or books

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  • P. B. Jones
    The Last Depot was written by William Marvel, University of North Carolina Press. Excellent book. Pat ... From: B. Cavendish To: civilwarwest@egroups.com
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      The Last Depot was written by William Marvel, University of North Carolina Press.  Excellent book.
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: INFO or books

      The Last Depot is the best to date on Andersonville.  Although I don't remember the author's name, I have the book and can provide the particulars.  If you want to branch out, start with his bibliography.  From what I recall, it included a good variety of sources.

      turnierwa@... wrote:

      I have been reading your postings and everyone who has posted seem to
      know the west and other subjects very well. I want to know if they are
      some books or diaries that someone might know of that will describe the
      life of a guard of a prison in the south, preferable Salisbury or
      Andersonville.  I have looked at rebel Watchdogs and the other major
      books concerning POW's.  I don't know where to go from here.  can
      people either give me names of regiments or individuals how have
      published a book people.  I would be for ever in your debt and if I
      find something interesting I will share it with the group first.

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