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[civilwarwest] Re: Thomas and Chickamauga

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  • D. W. Plezia
    I posted this improperly at the end of the messages and am correcting it now! The newest biography of Thomas is Francis McKinney s Education in Violence . It
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 26, 2000
      I posted this improperly at the end of the messages and am correcting
      it now!

      The newest biography of Thomas is Francis McKinney's "Education in
      Violence". It is also one of the best. The best is Thomas Van Horne's
      "The Life of George H. Thomas". Van Horne wrote the book utilising
      Thomas's own paper's, something none of the subsequent biographer's
      could do since Thomas directed his private papers be burned at his
      death and was unfortunately carried out scrupulously by his widow and

      Palumbo's book is mostly quotes form the O.R.'s with little or no
      research. Has good pictures tho.

      Coppee's book is written in the 19th Century style and is of little

      I have not read Johnston's.

      "Warrior Generals" by Thomas Buell does not have much original
      research, but is invaluble as a friendly analysis of Thomas and his
      Generalship. A good book.

      Alfred Castell's "Decision in the West" is more a treatment of the lies
      prevalent throughout Sherman's Memoirs. As such, it is considered a
      "revisionist" treatise. Most of our current crop of "historians"
      consider anything that conflicts the truth of "conventional knowledge"
      is revisionist and irrelevant, even though true. The thinking is that
      anything that corrects the popular image of Thomas is unneccesary,
      since the only thing we need to know about the Civil War is that
      Sherman and Grant were the only two who mattered. Which is incorrect.
      Thomas was a better General and had more character than either.

      Castell proves that Sherman could have ended the war in the west not
      once, not twice, not thrice, but several times, if, he had listened to

      jlb4tl-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/civilwarwest/?start=293
      > Greetings All
      > Thank you all for giving me titles for further reading on Gen.
      Thomas and
      > the battle of Chickamauga. After I finish Cleaves work "The Rock Of
      > Chickamauga" I am going to start Cozzens "This Terrible Sound, The
      Battle of
      > Chickamauga." I intend to read Cozzens and us the OR and "Pa. at
      > Chickamauga'" as reference tools as I study the battle.
      > Thanks
      > Jeff Burk
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