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[civilwarwest] Re: Did Lincoln really need Atlanta?

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  • Steve Charles
    Terry, I have to back you up on this one. Private Hamilton Coates of the 5th Wisconsin Battery writes in his diary: Tuesday (Nov.) 8. Election day and we
    Message 1 of 29 , Jan 25, 2000
      I have to back you up on this one.
      Private Hamilton Coates of the 5th Wisconsin Battery writes in his diary:
      "Tuesday (Nov.) 8. "
      "Election day and we exercised the right of franchise in the battery and
      voted for Abraham Lincoln to be President another term of office".

      Major James A. Connolly, a division staff officer on Gen. Baird's staff.
      Bairds Div., 14th Corps, AOC wrote in his diary of the election also. He
      "There are comparatively few McClellan men in the army. In one brigade of
      our division consisting of the 17th, 31st, 89th, & 92nd Ohio, 82nd Ind. and
      23rd Missouri, the vote polled today stood Lincoln 1229, McClellan 101".

      Steve Charles
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      From: Terry Arliskas <tarliskas@...>
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      Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 12:33 PM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Did Lincoln really need Atlanta?

      >Jack -
      >Just can't let this post go unanswered. I am not sure where your
      >comes from regarding the re-election of Lincoln, and would be interested in
      >the sources that you used in contending that Federal soldiers were either
      >strong-armed or coerced with liquor into voting for Lincoln.
      >I can only give the example of one Federal regiment - the 29th Wisconsin
      >Vol. Inf., who in Nov. of 1864 was posted at the White River in Arkansas.
      >From the diary of Charles Merrill, Private, Co. I:
      >"Nov. 8 - Showery all day. We had an election today. Co. I had 46 votes
      >Abe Lincoln and none for McClellan. The Regt gave a Union vote of 191
      >From the diary of Sergt. Edward Potter, Co. D:
      >"Tues., Nov. 8 - Our Election for President and Vice President passed off
      >very quiet. In Co. D the vote took 30 for L. and 8 for M. In the Regt.
      >for L. and 88 for M. Rumor of another move up W.R."
      >From the diary of Lt. David Curtis, Co. D:
      >"Nov 8 - Voted today for A. Lincoln and A. Johnson for Presdient - mouth of
      >White River Ark. Regt. cast 280 votes for Lincoln and 88 for McClellan and
      >Pendleton. Co. Do cast 30 for Lin. and 8 for Little Mac. 21st Iowa 438
      >Lincoln and 24 for Mac."
      >From a letter date Nov. 8, 1864 to "Dear Mother" from Marcus Wheeler, Co.
      >"Co. "G" went 25 union - 14 copperhead. The latter votes were German from
      >Cross Plains. . . All the Westport men voted for Abe!! Enclosed I send the
      >identical ticket which I voted. I want you to preserve it, as they do the
      >copies of the "Emancipation Proclamation" as I consider it a valuable
      > I also send a "secesh" ticket, voted at the same time. Please, keep
      >as I may want to refer McClellan men to the "men they voted for" in future
      >teim. I shall frame them, and keep them for my "grandchildren" to look
      >with pride. Tell Cramer that I recall his prophecy made four years since -
      >that "men who voted for Lincoln in 1860 would be damned shamed of it before
      >his term of office expired" and "Lincoln would kill the Republican Party!"
      >I was a Lincoln man then and I voted for him yesterday! I am proud to say
      >it, and am ready to avow it "from the housetops"! But the "Little
      >Mackerels" were so much ashamed of their position that they were shy and
      >foxy, and gave no reason to give for voting as they did except "Dey had
      >fought long enough and want to have Peace and go home"!!!"
      >From a letter to "Friend Willard" from 2nd Lieut. John Scott, Co. F, dated
      >Nov. 22, 1864:
      >"I have just been privately celebrating the re-election of "old Abe" and
      >have the news here that "Mike Lellan" has only received 20 Electoral votes.
      >I suppose we will have to be contented although that is 20 more than I
      >wanted to see him have. The thing don't seem to suit the "Dimmy crats."
      >I have seen no mention EVER in a letter or diary of a soldier being forced
      >to vote one way or another, nor any mention of free liquor for votes. From
      >the research that I have done of this very typical, Western Theatre
      >regiment, I can only make the assumption that they voted for Lincoln
      >they felt he was the best candidate for President!
      >Terry Arliskas
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      >>To: civilwarwest@egroups.com
      >>Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Did Lincoln really need Atlanta?
      >>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 14:50:01 EST
      >>This post relates to my long-held skepticism of the subject. Firstly,
      >>part of the country's polling booths under armed guard and the great
      >>turnout of Federal troops, has anyone addressed the subject of "hanky
      >>whether in the form of army muscle or extensive free booze for the troops?
      >>It's hard to imagine how "Little Macs" popularity with the troops would
      >>dissipated as it did.
      >>Your extended comments would be appreciated.
      >> Yr.obt.svt.
      >> Jack O'Connor
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