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[civilwarwest] Re: More realistic what if???

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  • Larry McGibben
    Evening Basecat. My S-mail is 1908 Garrard Street, Covington, Ky 41014. KyReb
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 28, 1999
      Evening Basecat. My S-mail is 1908 Garrard Street, Covington, Ky 41014.


      Stephen D Wakefield wrote:

      I certainly do not wish to adversely reflect upon some of these
      wonderful what if's but I suppose that I simply do not possess the same
      imagination that many possess. For that reason I propose a much more
      subtle 'what if' for folks to consider...
      As most of us know the most often ignored major campaign of the War is
      the Tullahoma Campaign June 24-July 3,1863.As many know it was this
      campaign that resulted in the CS Army of Tennessee retreating to the
      south shore of the Tennessee River and thereby abandoning two
      potentially very strong strategic defensive lines ..first the Highland
      Rim and second the Cumberland Plateau (a/k/a)the Barrens.
      What is often over looked is that at the beginning of the Tullahoma
      Campaign after intially getting the jump on the confederate forces,
      Rosecrans delayed his forward movement for 24 to 36 hours... much like
      Joe Hooker hestitated monentarliy during the Chancellorsville campaign.
      We all know what Hooker's delay cost the Army of the Potomac.
      Much like Lee's response to Hookers' initial flanking movement,
      surprisingly Bragg's immediate reaction was to try and turn the tables
      on Rosecrans leftward wheel by responding in kind--- Bragg's first
      orders in the crisis created by the union forces surprise capture of
      Hoover's and Liberty Gap was to order Hardee to delay the Federals
      advance movement and to order POLK's Corps to press forward with all
      speed- advance though Guy's Gap and move directly on Rosecrans right
      flank and thus cut Rosecrans forces off from its base of operations
      Murfreesboro. The disposition of the Army of the Cumberland made the
      prospects of immense success  of such a Confederate advance very very
      high. Of course true to form Lt. General Polk's response to Bragg's
      order to advance was to delay and in the interim... explain the dangers
      and negatives of the suggested advance... going so far as to predict
      the rather silly view of the future that Bragg's army would likely end
      up in worse shape than the CS Army then bottled up in Vicksburg.
      Finally Polk convinced Bragg not to move forward with his suggested
      advance and instead Bragg ordered the genearl cs withdrawal to
      Tullahoma--- where he would later be talked into further withdrawal by
      My "what if " is to assume that the Lord had smiled upon the CSA and
      POLK did not command a corps in the AoT at this critical time-- that
      lets say that instead of the always insubordinate Bishop turned
      'soldier', some real soldier commanded Bragg's left corps (say-- Kirby
      Smith or perhaps D.H. Hill). That the suggested advance is put into
      motion with a vigor. That The Army of the Cumberland's exposed right
      flank is turned (please remember that the somewhat unreliable McCook
      commands the federals exposed right flank)...that the Union columns are
      pushed towards the Barrens and McMinnville and ends up cut off from
      Murfreesboro. The CS Army of Tennessee is much closer to Nashville,
      than Rosecrans and Burnside is totally tied up with chasing Morgan's
      raid... Grant remains deadlocked in the Vicksburg siege... Meade has
      just gotten handed the order placing him in command of the Army of the
      Can this turning of the tables on Rosey have a meaningful impact upon
      the future progress of the war???

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