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[civilwarwest] Re: Barnwells Battery of Andersons Corps

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  • pedinkler@frontier.net
    chiby52-@aol.com wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/civilwarwest/?start=193 ... artilleryman in ... in ... Barnwells ... with the ... anyone
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 9, 1999
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      chiby52-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/civilwarwest/?start=193
      > My great great grandfather William Cason Gray inlisted as an
      artilleryman in
      > Barnwells Battery of Andersons Corps, C.S.A (I think that corps was
      > Johnston's Army). I was wondering if anyone has any information on
      > Battery. I have tryed searching my family history but only came up
      with the
      > info I just gave. When I tryed the internet I got nothing. If
      anyone finds
      > anything please let me know.
      > Thanks,
      > Charlie Bush

      If your search turns out to be anything like mine you will have to do
      some digging. On the Web, try the Civil War Units file on the
      american Civil War homepage (URL: http://funnelweb.utcc.edu/~hoemann/cw
      Knowing the state your great-great grandfather was from will really
      help you get started. There is an incrredible amount of information
      available on the Internet. It takes a lot of searching, however, to
      find the sites most usefull to you. for bibliogrphies of USA and CSA
      units, see:
      Also try the usgenweb project at www.usgenweb.com/index.html

      Just by chance, I came across a reference to Anderson ( if he was the
      same commander) In 1862, Anderson was a brigade cammander attached to
      one of Lt. Gen. Longstreet's corps., and participated in the surprise
      attack against General Pope. Again, on July 2, 1864, Anderson was a
      brigade cmdr., again under Longstreet, attacked the Army of the
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