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[civilwarwest] Re: Surrender at Appomattox

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      The painting to which you reffer is historically accurate. The
      gentleman in gray standing beside Lee is his secretary Lt. Col. Charles
      Marshall. Standing around Gen. Grant, from left to right are; Gen. Phil
      Sheridan, Col. Orville E. Babcock, Lt.Col. Horace Porter, Maj. Gen. Edward
      O.C. Ord, Maj. Gen. Seth Williams, Col. Theodore S. Bowers, Col. Ely S.
      Parker, and Maj. Gen. George A. Custer.

      Hope this helps, >>

      Thanks to Bryan for this answer and to all of the other replies. I was able
      to get a copy of "The Art of Tom Lovell", which states verbatim the above
      attendance. According to Robert Hendrickson's, "The Road to Appomattox", also
      in the room were Generals Rollins, Merritt, Barnard, and Ingalls and Colonels
      Morgan and Boudeau (sp?).

      Hendrickson casts some doubt if Custer was actually in the room. I also found
      the link to the Smithsonian very useful, which states that Generals Ord and
      Sheridan "bought" the two tables from the Mcleans. Ord offered one table to
      Julia Grant, which she declined, and Sheridan gave the other to Libby Custer.


      Jack Ehmer
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