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[civilwarwest] A Massachusetts Yankee in Louisiana

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  • The Coys
    A while back Michel (12NH) and I had the good fortune of being able to transcribe some letters that were in the possesion of an aquaintance of ours. They are
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      A while back Michel (12NH) and I had the good fortune of being
      able to transcribe some letters that were in the possesion of an
      aquaintance of ours. They are very much on topic and I thought I
      would share them with you. The puntuation and spelling is as
      written. The descriptions from this Massachusetts Yankee are
      interesting. Enjoy.

      Kevin S. Coy

      April 29

      Camp Farr New Orleans

      Sister Mercy I received your letter of the 12th and was very
      glad to hear from you we have left the hospital and we now
      stationed at Camp Farr on a race course It is about three miles
      from the city and is a very tolerant place we have easy times now
      we do not drill but two hours in a day and the rest of the time
      we can do as we like sit up or bag down and I am getting to be
      rather lazy. There is not much news at present Banks has had
      pretty good luck in whiping the rebbels in this department and
      has taken two thousnd prisoners which were brought to this city
      and their a regmt have to guard them look as though they had see
      Hard time, The Carlisle boys are all pretty well now with the
      exception of Bill Munroe and I should think by what I hear from
      home that he has good reasons to be sick We hold out the
      gentleman pretty well but those white gloves have played out but
      the boots still shine For my part I am glad that this fixing up
      is about done with it was done to get up the name of being the
      best looking regmt in the city and we have got it besides being
      the best drilled regmt in the city so much so that the rest of
      them call us the regulars of which we feel some what proud. Well
      I suppose that people begin to think about planting but I do not
      see how they can get help Out here potatoes are in the market
      corn is high as my head peas & beans and other yarding sause are
      plenty we have a mess of beets cabbage turnips carots once a week
      And fresh beef once a week Blackberries are ripe and are quite
      thick and we help ourselves to them The Magnoli trees are in
      bloom and they look beautifuly also the orange tre which is in
      bloom and has green oranges and ripe ones on the tree at the same
      time The weather is very warm and misquatoes and flies are thick
      as bees around a beehive we have to have misquatoes covers to
      hang over our bunks to keep them from eating us up And snakes and
      Alagators are almost as this as the misquatoes. Well I guess
      that I have tell you pretty much all I know which never was much
      if I have not you will tell you the rest and so I guess that I
      will close Tell Lebra not to be discouraged for he will have a
      chanc to come out here before long And now hoping that this will
      find you all well I will for a short time bid you goodbye my
      respects and best wishes to you and all inquiring friends
      From BH Webster
      Comp G 47 Regmt
      Mass Vol
      New Orleans
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