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[civilwarwest] Re: General Govan

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  • L.A. Chambliss
    Hey Steve, I can top that one...this is the history of my sister s husband s family. Back in Poland around the end of the last century the choices for a young
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 12, 1999
      Hey Steve,

      I can top that one...this is the history of my sister's husband's family.
      Back in Poland around the end of the last century the choices for a young
      man varied between involuntary enlistment in the German or the Russian
      armies, depending on whose "recruiters" swept through your village as you
      turned military age. A young man of the Magara family found either choice
      distasteful so he hopped ship for America. To spare his family embarrasment
      (possibly of a fatal nature) he took the precaution of getting forged
      papers for this trip. The only ones he could get were in the name of
      "Majeieleski" or something equally unspellable.

      A couple of years later his younger brother is faced with the same
      predicament so he goes back as a respectable US citizen and gets his
      brother out too, however the brother is obliged to become "Majeielski" as
      well. The families settle in Milwaukee and go on to prosper.

      We come to the current generation when the grandson of our original
      immigrant marries my sister. She, being well established in her career in
      university public relations keeps her own name, Melanie Spain. This goes
      well until the arrival of their firstborn son. Much dithering takes place,
      largely around two themes: the whole family should have the same name, but
      it would be child abuse to inflict this "Majielski" thing on an innocent
      newborn. My sis is barely out of the delivery room when Jim brings her
      some official looking documents: He has quietly gone to court and legally
      changed his name back to Magara!

      There is rejoicing in the land, Melanie goes through the paperwork to
      become a Magara too, and much confusion at the post office is eliminated.
      (The only problem was that Jim's dad was somewhat less than amused, but
      he is quietly ignored. ) I leave you with the thought of what some future
      geneologist is going to go through, trying to figure out why the Maraga
      line has this bizzare spelling of the name for a couple of generations.
      He'll probably blame it on Ellis Island bureaucrats with a warped sense of
      humor. ;)



      Stephen Basic wrote:

      > Xan....LOL...In my insomnia of last night...forgot to mention that the
      > original name in my family tree that my Dad is working on is
      > Govanicevic....which was shortened to Govan....and we still have
      > relatives in NC with that name, or the shortened version of this...Have
      > already contacted that family, but alas when I mentioned the CW...Their
      > respone was ..There was one???...:-) Know it is a longshot....but when
      > I saw the name Govan in Dad's research I couldn't believe it...Thanks
      > for the background info...:-)
      > Steve
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