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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Unknown Soldiers

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    Hi Y all Old battlefield tokens, the coins were for the eyes and the mouth. Also for the boatman Charon. Various cultures and times have giving us these types
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 31, 2003
      Hi Y'all
      Old battlefield tokens, the coins were for the eyes and the mouth.
       Also for the boatman Charon.
       Various cultures and times have giving us these types of items.
       As to what is good or proper that is up to you as a member of the human race but i agree please no disfigurement with paint or chisel.
      The odd shading of the stone with your paper and pencil is dandy and a time honored gift for the   token, but it has been a great gift for teaching.
       Thanks to all who remember the unsung.
       "The great name who falls is praised but in the minority"
      And for all the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers is the token for all of the unknown.
       Please if you can remember them in your area and place a flag over the bodies who served and were lost with out hearth or home to mourn.
      Yours in Service
      James Acerra
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      On some gravestones I have seen a number of pennies - always more
      than one, along with other tokens.

      I understand the photos, beer bottle and ribbons - not the pennies.


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      > What are the articles laying on top of the military headstone?
      > Pat
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      >   According to several historians, 42% of all battle field
      casualties of the War of the Rebellion are "unknowns". That includes
      actuall men killed in battle, died of wounds, died of disease in
      >   There are no names to etch upon their headstones; no wife, or
      daughter, or children, or mother, or father, to lay flowers on the
      grave or place a flag or visit on occasion of Memorial Day.
      >   But rememberance nonetheless is our duty.
      >   I have also been asked numerous times if a certain regiment or
      certain company or certain soldier has a photo out there somewhere
      that can be accessed for a relative. Sorry to say most photos of such
      are no longer identified, even if they exist.
      >   But let us NOT forget the "unknowns". They deserve to be honored,
      remembered, along with the rest of the real common private soldier.
      >   I enclose 3 pics. Will post more as I go along.
      >   "If we forget history, and those who made it, we are not worthy
      of them."
      >   Steven C. Russell

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