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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: William B. Feis, a modern author and Shelby Foote as Author

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  • Robin Thompson
    JEJ typed: Surprised that Confederate troops were present NO WAY Surprised that Johnston had the audacity to attack his troops, IMHO Yes. From what I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2003
      JEJ typed:
      'Surprised that Confederate troops were present  NO WAY   Surprised that Johnston had the audacity to attack his troops,  IMHO  Yes.'

      From what I have read on this subject and IMHO I agree precisely with JEJ for the reasons he gives so eloquently in his last post.

      On the subject of Shelby Foote -
      1. I do not feel it is really  sensible to criticise him for not referencing all his sources. Not every book buyer or author wants to wade through references and the kind of books he wrote are aimed at those types of reader. Other people can and do write such books.  So, for the people who want to develop and investigate alternative ideas  and interpretations this is still possible.
      2. I think he has played a good role in popularising the ACW and its huge scale and complexity to people who otherwise would not have got so well informed about it.
      3. He was lucky to get the TV series link up. . . . but
      4. I would categorise his account as narrative history. It has its limitations, but in making the period 'come alive' to the interested inexpert reader I think he has done a great job.
      Robin Thompson
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