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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: A Review on John Bell Hood

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    The following is from a biography that Sam Hood wrote for the Blue & Gray Trail www.ngeorgia.com . ... One of the main things
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2003
      The following is from a biography that Sam Hood wrote for the Blue & Gray Trail  www.ngeorgia.com.

      Hood's four year discipline record at the academy was about average. However, in his senior year he would be reduced in rank and severely disciplined by new Superintendent Col. Robert E. Lee for accompanying a fellow cadet on an unauthorized pre-Christmas visit to nearby Benny Haven's Tavern. Accumulating 196 demerits, 4 short of expulsion at mid year, Hood would nevertheless complete his final year with no additional demerits, and ultimately graduate ranked 44th out of 52 in the class of 1853. Hood's classmate John M. Schofield [US, Army of the Ohio] and cavalry instructor George Thomas [US, Army of the Cumberland] would play major roles in Hood's fortunes in Georgia and Tennessee during the final months of the Civil War.

      One of the main things that Mr. Hood left out on John's West Point days was that he graduated only because of the help that he received from his room-mate.  Although he enjoyed visiting Benny Haven's Tavern, he did not enjoy studying, especially mathematics.  During his senior year, he had failed several mathematic exams and was close to failing his senior year.  His room-mate started talking some sense into him and started tutoring him in math so that he could pass the exams.  As a result of the tutoring by his room-mate, John B. did pass the math exams and was able to graduate.

      Oh,  I forgot to name his room-mate that helped him.


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