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Re: [civilwarwest] What is it with the Civil War tour business?

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  • Mary Alice Pickett
    OK, folks! Don t faint to see me posting here, but this is one I can answer and it s even on topic because it relates to the CWWT!! Wonders never cease!!!
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16 4:07 PM
      OK, folks!  Don't faint to see me posting here, but this is one I can answer and it's even on topic because it relates to the CWWT!!  Wonders never cease!!!  (-:
      Why don't you consider coming to our 5th Annual Civil War Chatroom Muster?  We'll be visiting Pea Ridge and Wilson's Creek among other sites in the Ozarks on June 19th-22nd.  It's reasonable, too!!  Barring your motel or camping costs and souvenirs, we've managed annually to keep the meals and activity cost between @ $78-$95 per person for the entire weekend's itinerary.  Not a bad deal, and I can assure you that you won't find a better group of people anywhere in the USA with whom to study battlefields and share a few laughs along the way! 
      Here's the link to our website.  It's being updated as planning firms up so check it often if you are interested.  http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/map1863/index.html
      Mary Alice, aka MAP  (-:
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] What is it with the Civil War tour business?

      > I apologize for this sort of off-topic (but not really) message but I
      > was just wondering what other people here throught on this subject. I
      > have been actively involved in Civil War study for about 20 years and
      > it seems to me that in the last couple of years the prices being
      > charged for various Civil War tours have just skyrocketed. Some of
      > these organizations which used to have very reasonable tours have
      > just gone out of sight. I noticed one organization I will not single
      > them out are now charging 500 dollars for what appears to me to be
      > the same darn tour I went on about 3 years ago for 150!
      > Do any
      people here know of any particularly good and 'reasonable'
      > Civil War
      tour opportunities this year? (Western sites only of
      > course! *smiling
      and winking*) Gettysburg tours with their certified
      > guides remain
      seemingly the best deals going. Why don't other parks
      > have similar
      programs with certified and reasonably priced tour
      > guides?
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